Diego Silva, The Football Player Thief

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Meet Diego Claudino Da Silva (also known as @Diego_Negao on Instagram). Diego is an average football player who plays for your everyday football team. However, there is a twist. Diego is a scammer. Due to his professional football carrier, he is verified on Instagram; Diego abuses this to scam his victims. 

Diego spends his day going around Instagram, finding the victims he will steal from. Kids, adults, women, or men. He will steal from everyone. He messages his victims offering services such as Instagram verification or follower growth. He asks for a payment of $3000, to which he claims he needs the total amount paid straight away, or he is unable to verify your account. Diego has stolen tens of thousands from his victims, to which he has encountered no consequences; because he is verified and has hundreds and thousands of followers, his victims lose all hope of ever getting justice. 

Once you pay Diego, he vanishes into thin air. Diego has amassed serious wealth from his football courier; however, it seems he needs to garner additional wealth by stealing the money of unsuspecting victims. 

Please do your part today by reporting Diego’s account on Instagram. 

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