CONCACAF FIFA Rankings: US Team Performance, Surprises, and Lionel Messi’s Impact

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The United States failed to retain its hold on the title of CONCACAF Champions League champion in June when the Seattle Sounders of MLS weren’t able to repeat as champions after claiming the 2022 tournament title. Their rivals weren’t able to help out their country either, as Los Angeles FC fell by an aggregate score of 3-1 (2-1 in the first game, 1-0 in the decisive second game) to Club León of Mexico in the finals.

Ranking Index: Mexico and the United States

It gets worse from there, as we may be looking at an uphill road for the Champions Cup to return to the States when the next Champions League tournament begins. As of right now, Mexico sits atop the CONCACAF Ranking Index with 1,945 points. They’re practically neck and neck with the United States, which slots in right behind them with 1,935 points: the next closest nation is Canada, more than 200 points behind with 1,726.

Factors Affecting the CONCACAF FIFA Rankings

Per CONCACAF’s official website, their ranking index (which applies to all 41 member associations across North America, Central America, and the Caribbean) is updated after each game, based on a formula that takes into account the actual result of the game, the expected result of the game, and the importance of the match: ranked games play a much larger impact on the standings than a friendly match would. Upsets can cause a huge shakeup in the standings as well, with teams that perform better than they’re expected to get a massive boost in the rankings and teams that choke when they’re expected to have the upper hand suffering similar losses. 

Given their win in the Concacaf Champions League Cup, it makes sense that Mexico sits atop the rankings right now, but their grip is shaky enough that that could flip back and forth heading into next season.

Betting Odds and the 2024 CONCACAF Champions League 

As anticipation builds for the 2024 CONCACAF Champions League tournament, eager bettors will have to exercise patience. Betting odds for the tournament will not be available until later in the year, specifically in November, once the final field is determined. However, rest assured that the best betting apps will be fully prepared with a wide range of betting lines and exciting promotions for you to take advantage of. It’s important to note that odds and promotions can vary significantly between different sportsbooks. 

To maximize your chances of a lucrative win, it’s highly recommended to shop around and compare offers before placing your bets. By doing so, you can ensure that you’re securing the best possible odds and maximizing your potential for a big payday. So, keep your eyes peeled, stay informed, and get ready to place your bets on the 2024 CONCACAF Champions League.

The Potential of the 2024 CONCACAF Champions League

Here’s a look at what could shake up the CONCACAF FIFA rankings now that we’ve had time for the dust to settle on the 2023 tournament. The 2024 tournament is already shaping up to be a fascinating one, with the potential for superstar talents and dark horse clubs the likes of which CONCACAF has never seen all competing for the championship title.

US Teams in the 2024 CONCACAF Champions League

Five clubs from the United States are set to make the tournament, which will begin with an initial field of 27 teams. One of those five teams from the states (whoever wins the 2023 MLS Cup) will enter the tournament automatically, while the other four will have to make their way through the preliminary field, which whittles down to the opening Round of 16. The other four American bids consist of the US Open Cup winner and the three top regular season MLS teams by the record.

Potential Surprises: CF Inter Miami’s Journey

Funnily enough, the worst team in all of Major League Soccer this season could back their way into an international championship in 2024. That’s because CF Inter Miami, who sits in the basement of MLS with 18 points in 22 regular season games to date, has managed to make it all the way into the semifinals of the US Open Cup, defying all odds. They may find it hard to advance past that point, as they’re set to face off against FC Cincinnati next month. The Orange and Blue pace MLS with a league-leading 51 points, so Miami won’t be able to sneak by them like they could with USL teams earlier in the tournament.

Lionel Messi’s Impact on CF Inter Miami

With that being said, Miami shook up the soccer world last month when they went out and signed seven-time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi to a contract that is sure to break league records once finalized and announced. Messi officially joined the club earlier this week. After a month of getting used to playing with his new teammates, he could be just what the doctor ordered in helping Miami make a late-season run: it’s likely too late for them to turn things around and make the MLS Playoffs, but they’re already deep in the US Open Cup. If Cincy goes cold for a game, anything could happen… and seeing Messi take the field next season with a CONCACAF Championship on the line would be a treat for any soccer fan to watch.


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