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Brian Nunez Celebrates Ordinary People

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The digital era has brought fame within everyone’s reach, or so it might seem from the numbers of social networks and their accessibility. Being famous online has given rise to whole professions, including that of the influencer, a person with a sizable online following. While it might be hard to determine how many people are bona fides influencers, Mediakix put that number at 37 million on Instagram alone. The top 2% of Instagram influencers have followings north of half a million people.

While in some cases it might not be clear what some of these influencer celebrities are celebrated for, Brian Nunez would like to argue that people don’t need fame for their actions to be celebrated. As a professional coach and CEO of the FNS Training Center, he knows what he’s talking about — it’s his job to help people achieve lasting benefits to their health and wellbeing. That’s something as worthy of kudos as anything else in the world.

Learning From the Professionals

Brian Nunez has integrated this idea of celebrating the ordinary people who put in unordinary effort toward achieving better health and wellbeing into the very foundation of his training center. The inspiration to do so came to him from his time spent playing D1A Football. He experienced, first hand, the level of camaraderie and support that exists between athletes and people who work with them to achieve top results. “I wanted to give that support to everyday people who had never played sports before,” Brian Nunez explains. “I wanted the everyday athlete to get the love, celebration, and support that most athletes get.”

So, he started working on it. He decided to create his training center and build it up in a way that would let everyday people get the same attention and care that professional athletes and even celebrities get. “I set out to build a gym, but I built something more,” says Brian Nunez. “I built one of the most unique, personalized, and performance-based training systems for the everyday athlete. And it guarantees results.”

Celebrating Accountability

To achieve those results, however, the everyday athletes Brian is so fond of, have to put in the necessary work. Lucky for them, the FNS team will be there to help every step of the way. They even check in with their clients to make sure their spirits are high, and that they know what’s waiting for them in the next training session. Still, at the end of the day, it boils down to the clients’ willingness to keep coming back, one training after another.

“Accountability is something that deserves celebration, much more than fame,” explains Brian. “Authenticity and accountability have been the backbone of our business, and they’ve let us impact so many lives, it’s staggering and deeply humbling.”


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