5 Key Role Players That Could Influence the Outcome of the 2023 NBA Finals

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The prime-time players, franchise players, and superstars are crucial for their teams’ success in reaching the NBA Finals. However, the role players also play a significant role in getting their teams to this stage. 

The 2023 NBA Finals present an opportunity for certain role players to shine and leave a lasting impact. These players will be called upon to step up in critical moments, whether it’s on offense or defense. Despite being lower on the team’s hierarchy, they have the potential to make a significant difference in the outcome of the series. Both Denver and Miami have already witnessed the positive contributions of their role players throughout the playoffs, and a lot is expected in the finals. The anticipation among Betway Malawi basketball bettors is on another level. Keep an eye on these unsung heroes who may tip the scales in their teams’ favor.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

KCP, a proven champion with the Lakers in 2020, brings immense energy, desire, and basketball courage to the table. He thrives in tough situations and capitalizes on being left open when defenses focus on Jokic and Murray. His dangerous 3-point shooting and fearlessness in the spotlight make him a valuable asset. Caldwell-Pope’s pivotal role in the sweep of his former team and his strong defensive skills make him Denver’s top guard. Acquiring him from the Wizards for almost nothing last summer was one of the Nuggets’ best trades in recent years.

Bruce Brown

Since joining from the Brooklyn Nets last summer, Brown has seamlessly integrated into the Nuggets’ rotation and team culture. As a versatile swingman, he embraces crucial moments and earns fourth-quarter minutes. Brown excels in the mid-range, compliments Jokic well, and steps up as the third option when Murray or Porter Jr. is off the court. Defensively, he is solid and disruptive. Brown caused trouble for the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals and dropped 25 points in 27 minutes during a Game 2 victory against the Suns. In this postseason, Brown has proven to be one of the most impactful sixth men for the Nuggets.

Jeff Green

At 36 years old, Green is a reliable veteran who plays with composure and stays within his role. His basketball experience and leadership make him a valuable asset, earning him the nickname “Uncle Jeff” from his teammates. As a 6-foot-8 combo forward, Green willingly takes on tough defensive assignments and can attack the rim or shoot from the corners. His resilience is evident, having undergone heart surgery and sporting a visible scar on his chest. Nothing on the basketball court can rattle him. The jury is out there and Betway presents plenty of markets for the upcoming finals.

Duncan Robinson

Robinson’s journey is a remarkable comeback story. After going undrafted and being benched for almost two seasons, he has revitalized himself in the current postseason by rediscovering his 3-point shooting prowess. Surprisingly, Robinson played a crucial role throughout the Eastern Conference Finals, defying expectations. Although he struggled during a shooting slump, his limited defensive abilities made him vulnerable and unfit for Erik Spoelstra’s system. However, Robinson remained positive, waited for his opportunity, and capitalized on it by making crucial shots. His expanded role was necessitated by Tyler Herro’s injury, and Robinson provided much-needed relief for the Miami Heat.

Caleb Martin

Undrafted Caleb Martin joined his twin brother Cody in Charlotte after Cody’s draft selection by the Hornets in 2019. The Martin brothers befriended rapper J. Cole, who recommended Caleb to Heat scout Caron Butler. Impressing Miami in workouts, Caleb earned a spot in the rotation with notable performances, including a 28-point game against the Bucks. His fearlessness and versatility align with the Heat’s values. With increased opportunities due to Tyler Herro’s injury, Caleb delivered standout performances, such as his 26-point, 10-rebound game in the Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. He played a key role in the Heat’s upset of the top-seeded Bucks, averaging 11 points.

It will be either Denver or Miami, and NBA betting can’t get any better as it promises to be a unique final of role players. 


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