Yash Shukla: A young and selfless social worker making a remarkable name for himself in the world of politics

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A politician is a high performing individual who efficiently oversees and standardises all the perform activities and the primary functioning of the government. He/she is an experienced individual who is well-versed and seasoned with the art and science of the government. Politicians are wither designated by the constituent assembly or directly voted by the netizens of the country. He/she is deliberately answerable for the well-being of the society and revamping the standards of living of the countrymen and boosting up the level of comfort for the people of the country. The politicians hold certain prime senatorial and deep-rooted powers of the government as the politicians represent their respective political party in the country itself.

Freshly we come across one of the hardest working and influential youngsters who are striving his level best to achieve greater feats in the world of politics. His name is Yash Shukla; he was born on 11th November in the year 1994. He was raised in the exquisite city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Yash Shukla belongs from a political background and he is also doing everything possible to make a name for himself.

Since the last year, India disembarked into the Covid-19 pandemic and is still suffering from its hardships and crisis. There has been a drastic downfall in the economy of India. India has recorded over 2.3 crore Covid-19 cases and more than 2.5 lakh people have lost their lives due to this perilous and deadly virus. India has been experiencing a complete shut down including its states, millions of people have lost their jobs due to this Covid-19 pandemic and many of them are even unable to provide themselves with the necessities for living. In these terrible times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Yash Shukla has done everything possible to help the people of the nation. He has provided numerous needy and poor helpless people with necessities of life, and arranged for a lot of food packets and other grocery products and helped them come out of their worst situations.

Yash Shukla aspires to achieve greater feats in the world of politics and strives to hold a designated position as a politician. He has reached out to numerous people identifying their needs and problems and has been helping them out with immediate solutions. He and his team called Baneshwari Yuva Parishad have done everything possible by hook or by crook through honest means to fetch the love and admiration of the people. As of May 2021, Yash still continues with his endless efforts to help the people of the nation in all ways.

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