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Trump cancels press conference planned to commemorate January 6th Capitol riots

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Former President Donald Trump has made a surprise announcement that the press conference he planned to commemorate the Capitol riots on January 6 has been canceled.

Trump was due to face a press pack at his Mar-a-Lago resort on the first anniversary of the notorious attack on the US Capitol. The storming of the Capitol building by Trump’s MAGA mob made headlines across the world. Trump intended to discuss the events surrounding the incident at great length at his Palm Beach resort. But at the last minute, he issued a statement that clarified he would now be discussing ‘those topics’ at his Arizona rally on January 15.

Axios reports that Trump had second thoughts after being warned of the possible detrimental effects of holding a press conference on the anniversary of the Capitol riots by GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham and Fox News Channel host Laura Ingraham. Graham allegedly told the former President, “There could be peril in doing a news conference. Best to focus on election reform instead.”

With news from Washington that President Joe Biden and Congressional leaders were anticipated to commemorate the anniversary of the riots with a solemn tribute of their own and possibly fearing a backlash in the media, Trump scrapped the initial date for the conference. He said, “It has become more and more obvious to all that the lamestream media will not report the facts.”

Trump also slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Capitol Sergeant-at-Arms with the unsubstantiated claim that they had refused requests from the D.C. National Guard and the military who wished to attend the Capitol that day. Pelosi’s office has denied receiving any National Guard requests ahead of the January 6 riots. Trump disagreed and said, “Why will Nancy Pelosi not provide her communications with the House Sergeant-at-Arms and the House Chief Administrative Officer, or promise to retain these vital messages, which many feel she has already destroyed – perhaps illegally?”

The Daily Mail reports that Trump is now looking forward to seeing hordes of ‘Great American patriots’ in Arizona for a big rally to save America. Trump explained, “In light of the total bias and dishonesty of the January 6th Unselect Committee Democrats, two failed Republicans, and the Fake News Media, I am canceling the January 6th Press Conference at Mar-a-Lago. And instead, I will discuss many of these important topics on my rally on Saturday, January 15th, in Arizona. It will be a big crowd.”

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