Tripura Government has created job opportunities for a record number of aspirants under the current regime- Shri Bhagaban Das

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“Under the former regime, children had to start enrolling in cadre politics from a very early age and wait for some accreditation from someone powerful to get a job. Now, if you have quality, you’ll have a plethora of jobs to choose from”

During his keynote speech at the Job Fair, Shri Bhagaban Chandra Das, Minister, Government of Tripura, highlighted the surge in job opportunities for young aspirants in Tripura. Speaking about the job scenario, Shri Das said, “A few days back the Government had released a tender for 1400 vacant TSR positions. A record number of overqualified people had applied for it. What gives them the motivation to undermine their talents? What is the psychology behind it?”

He explained that it is unfortunate that people keep struggling for a merit-appropriate job throughout their youth and then spend the rest of their lives marred with disappointment and despair. “As the youth withers, one starts questioning themselves. They look at their ageing parents and start undermining their ability to seek a job. After a certain age, life becomes tiring. This can be evaded if everyone pledges to be active throughout their youth.”

Speaking about the psychology behind chasing government jobs, the minister blamed the standards set by the former CPIM government. “In the earlier days, getting jobs was difficult. Children had to start enrolling themselves into cadre politics, had to sit in political meetings and gatherings and wait for some powerful person to give them a job through favouritism. This is why the conditions of the various government departments had deteriorated”, he added while also explaining that getting job under the current government is easier as quality is being rewarded. “If you have studied well, if you have quality, a plethora of jobs will wait for you. Things are easier and simpler now.”

The current government has recently recruited a number of young aspirants into various departments. Elaborating on this, the minister said, “The government has created job opportunities for a record number of aspirants under the current regime. There have been recruitments in the medical field, department of education, TSR and various other departments. This is very reassuring for the youth.” Speaking about lenience of the residents of the state towards private jobs, the minister stated that the attitude stems from lack of awareness and forethought. “There are several job opportunities in private sectors as well. People from Tripura generally frown upon those, while jobseekers from other states are very proactive in shaping their career through private sectors. Why waste your entire youth running behind government jobs when you can make yourselves useful by gaining more experience and contributing towards the private sectors? This Job Fair encourages a new mentality, a new outlook towards jobs. That is the entire purpose of it.”

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