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PMC Councilor Samrat Abhay Thorat On Driving The Society Towards Modernity

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In one of the largest democracies like our country, we put our leap of faith in our leaders who lead the nation towards prosperity. While several fail to live up to our expectations, Samrat Abhay Thorat has lived beyond our expectations. Not only has he been the change but is also inspiring and guiding everyone towards modernity.

Being the corporator (councilor) from BJP in Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) comes with its responsibilities and to date, Samrat has adhered to it wholeheartedly. His entire family has been serving people for over 50 years and Samrat is continuing the great initiative taken by the family. 

Concerned about the environment, Samrat Abhay has left no stone unturned when it comes to protecting the environment. On asking further about his ways of protecting the environment, he says, “ The youth is educated and they value our environment. I have just teamed up with them and together we are working towards green waste management. It isn’t an overnight process but we can assure you that we all will be getting the expected outcome from the efforts.”

Not only has he been helping people during the covid-19 crisis by distributing more than 3500 grocery kits and 45000 food packets but he has also been fighting for gender equality by benefiting transgender via government schemes.

Women empowerment is something Samrat swears by and that can be seen via his works as well. Samrat says, “ Let’s accept that women empowerment will ultimately lead to the development of the nation and if we have that will, that power in us to support women then we should work on it. I along with my team plan various skill development programs for women so that they can step forward and lead in every aspect of their lives, be it personal or professional.” It is no news that we as a nation have to join hands with the advancement of technology and modernity and people like Samrat Abhay Thorat are the ones we need to have a prosperous future. He is still thriving hard for the better future of our nation but we all know that it can only be possible if we together work for it.


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