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North Carolina Lt. Gov.’s shocking comments: School shooting survivors mocked as ‘spoiled little b—–ds’

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Mark Robinson, the Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina and the Republican frontrunner for governor in 2024, once referred to school shooting survivors as “spoiled little b—–ds” and justified the shooting of protestors. 

CNN’s KFile uncovered old social media posts and a 2018 podcast where Robinson referred to teen survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting as “spoiled, angry, know-it-all children” and “media prosti-tots” after they had advocated for stricter gun control measures. He also justified the shooting of protesters in his posts.

Just six days after the fatal shooting that took the lives of 17 people, including students and teachers, Robinson shared a post on social media featuring a photo of a group of survivors which he captioned: “The look you get when you let the devil give you a ride on a river of blood to ’15 minutes of Fameville.’” Robinson also ridiculed young gun control activists on Twitter, posting a photo of a protestor at the “March for Our Lives” rally with the caption: “They live. They breathe. They’ll procreate. #funnybutscary.”

According to CNN, Robinson also made comments about protestors during a 2018 podcast. He referred to the 1970 Kent State shooting, where students were protesting the Vietnam War, and said that there is a need for politicians in cities to make it clear that blocking traffic, buildings, or destroying property would result in swift and harsh consequences. He emphasized that such behavior would not be tolerated.

Mark Robinson, a Republican currently serving as lieutenant governor of North Carolina, has declared his intention to run for governor in April. Despite his largely ceremonial role under the current Democratic governor, Roy Cooper, Robinson has become a controversial figure in recent years. 

For instance, he made anti-LGBTQ comments during his sermons in 2021 and 2023. In a speech to the congregation of Asbury Baptist Church in June 2021, Robinson expressed his belief that no one should be teaching children about transgenderism, homosexuality, or any related topics. Similarly, in a 2023 sermon, Robinson criticized churches that fly the rainbow flag, which he viewed as an affront to God.


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