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Mutahir Showkat A well known photographer trying to help youth to learn photography through his books .

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Mutahir Showkat a civil engineer by fate, A Photographer, Podcaster, Cinematographer, Author by passion, A Traveller, Adventurer, Explorer by choice. He hails from Qazigund of district Anantnag.
Talking about his early life, he has received his early education from Hanfia public high school a local private school in Qazigund of district Anantnag, where He completed his matriculation. He completed his senior secondary education at GHS Kadipora Anantnag. He has completed a his-year diploma in civil engineering from GBP Jammu currently He is doing Bachelor’s in engineering from LDRP ITR Gandhinagar Gujarat.

Mutahir Showkat did his cinematography course in 2016 at a production house named Trinetra production based in Jammu, Later by his ability and effort, he became a part of the production house and now he is working as a senior cinematographer in the production house. Mutahir Showkat has also worked in a lot of video series his video series include “Jammu meri Nazar sai ” Teri Zarorat cover song” Game of thrones events ” which were directed by Trinetra productions.

Mutahir Showkat is a photographer, cinematographer who likes to capture the ravishing views of nature. He has unique skills of photography that delight the eyes of viewers. Being such a great photographer he has also done open mic events in various parts of Jammu as well as Kashmir. Collaborating with his friends Mutahir Showkat launched an event organization named chrysalis artist in 2018 which is currently running in Jammu.

Talking About podcasts, He is an authentic podcaster too. He has done a podcast series of short poems named Yaadein with Mutahir Showkat which is streaming on big music platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, Reverbnation.

As an author, he has also published his two own books namely Photography tips for beginners which is a complete guide for those who are interested to do photography or want to make photography their carrier. This book helps a person under the basics of light and how your eyes fix the lighting. Photography editing and editors is a complete guide about photo editing and the platforms where a person can learn how to edit pictures. Both books are available on online shopping platforms like amazon.

Mutahir Showkat loves traveling so he can exploit new places and capture them. He has trekked to the different high altitudes of the valley. Mutahir Showkat captures these views and shares his amazing work on his social media so the world can see his hidden art. You can click on the link mentioned below or on any social media platform.

Mutahir Showkat even shares his first experience when he held a camera first time, he says that “When I got my first camera, I was enamored by the beauty the world has to offer. I captured everything under the sun: macro photos, corporate events, and portraits. I have to admit, though: I tended to capture nature-related scenes, avoiding anything to do with people..

Mutahir photography helps him to record memories and helps him to expand his view of the world, it makes him feel one with nature or one with people who are the subject of his photography.
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