Harisharan Devgan brought A Revolutionary Change in Organic Farming with Advanced Technologies

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Harisharan Devgan is a futuristic leader with a powerful vision in Organic farming and had always created blueprint for the future and had worked with passion and full devotion to achieve it. Niche Group of Companies has always put its steps forward in restructuring the global organic farming techniques for better yield and create global growth opportunities.

Harisharan Devgan

Farm management is the science of optimizing the right combination of crops and livestock to maximize the profit maintaining the quality of crops. Modern Techniques in Farm Management plays a crucial role in bringing and improving the production efficiency of the farm with optimization of natural and human resources.

Endeavouring towards the capacity of building and upgrading the skills and knowledge, Mr Harisharan Devgan, founder of Niche Agriculture Limited brings a revolutionary change in the optimization of farm resources by introducing modern techniques in old school farming methods.

Mr Harisharan Devgan employed advanced farming technologies along with new machineries, tractors, cultivators, harvesters, etc that have transformed the farming industry.

For weed management, he had used Automatic in row Weeder, that helps in effectively tear-up the weeds without destroying the original crops. Harvester and Separator machines are being employed by Mr. Harisharan Devgan for hard crops, the most efficient machines that reduces the work of labour to the scale which is just so astounding. Thus, mechanized agriculture is taking off in India and by utilizing these modern technologies, Niche Agriculture improves the profitability and yields and maintaining the crops quality by reducing the use of water and other inputs.

He used a tractor driven combiner in his fields for better productivity and efficiency in cultivation which created a tremendous potential for mapping and increasing soil health and saving time, labour and money.

Truly, Modern farming technology has boosted up the food production that is helpful in solving the problem of food security around the world. Harisharan Devgan, says that advances in agricultural technology is promising and is moving into the future by leaps and bounds.

For the most recent technological interventions, Mr. Harisharan Devgan had always worked towards changing the lives of farmers and by utilizing Mobile Applications as the latest platforms to manage their crops. He upgraded the working capacity in innovative ways which empowers them to supply the right amounts of fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation inputs.

For Transforming the Future of Agriculture, Mr. Harisharan Devgan utilized IoT (Internet of Things) which have enormous effect on farming. This can be utilized for tracking the health of their animals and can put sensors on their equipment to screen machine health and decrease downtime of machineries.

Harisharan Devgan had been using drones on pilot basis, a technology that assists the farmers to have an opportunity to define crop biomass, plant height and the presence of weeds in certain field areas. Niche Agriculture Limited used drones for spraying insecticides and pesticides that prevented the mass invasion of insects and other pests.

The modern technology adopted by Niche Agriculture Limited and their sustenance to continuously upgrading them and offering substantial aid to other farmers in their endeavour for optimizing inputs and simplifying the farm management and increasing the yields and productivity with minimum costs.


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