From Exile to Elegance: Saddam Hussein’s Granddaughter Makes Surprise Dubai Appearance

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The granddaughter of Saddam Hussein, Hareer Hussein Kamel, emerged from her quiet exile to attend a glitzy bash hosted by Cartier in Dubai.

A video on her Instagram account showcased her mingling with other well-heeled guests at the prestigious event in the United Arab Emirates.

Exiled Life and Protection in Jordan

Hussein Kamel and her mother, Raghad Hussein, sought asylum in Jordan in 2003 following the US invasion of Iraq. They have since been living under the protection of the Jordanian royal family, as per reports.

Despite their exile, Hussein Kamel’s Instagram predominantly features posts praising her late grandfather, Saddam Hussein, who was executed in 2006 after being found guilty of crimes against humanity.

Tributes to Family Legacy

In her social media posts, Hussein Kamel frequently pays tribute to both her grandfather and her father, Hussein Kamel al-Majid, who defected from Saddam Hussein’s stronghold in 1995 but was later killed, allegedly by Saddam’s security forces.

Despite the conflict between her father and grandfather, Hussein Kamel maintains a reverence for both men, expressing sentiments such as, “You have a place in my heart like that laughter that never disappears.”

Hussein Kamel’s appearance at the Cartier event comes amidst renewed interest in her family’s political legacy. Her mother, Raghad Hussein, expressed an interest in returning to Iraq and entering politics in a televised interview on Al Arabiya.

However, allegations have been made against Raghad Hussein, including accusations of using her fortune to support extremist groups like the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

As of 2018, Raghad Hussein was listed on the Iraqi government’s most wanted list alongside suspected ISIL fighters and members of other extremist groups.

Despite these allegations, Raghad Hussein continues to be a prominent figure in discussions surrounding Iraqi politics and the legacy of the Hussein regime.

Hareer Hussein Kamel’s appearance at the Cartier event in Dubai serves as a reminder of the complex and controversial legacy of the Hussein family.

Despite their exile, they remain influential figures in the political landscape of Iraq, with ongoing interest and speculation surrounding their actions and intentions.

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