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YouTuber Dezmen Horne’s Advice to Youngsters: “Always follow your passion”

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Fitness expert and YouTuber Dezmen Horne lives by his passion. His suggestion for others is no different, as he encourages all youngsters to follow their passion.

“What is passion?” Dezmen asks emphatically. For him, “Passion is that idea and those steps which make one feel alive. Young people today, in my eyes, are frivolous with their passion. Of course, not all of them. Those who have come to regard their passion as their companion in success and distress often protect the spark that nourishes them. But sometimes, people on realizing that being passionate also involves putting in the tedious hours, pushing the limits of their creativity, and burning the midnight oil, back away from their pursuit.”

“The pursuit itself is the passion,” he says, as he adds, “Success is just another incentive to keep the fire of your passion burning. When you follow your passion, you follow something sublime, something that you know in your gut to be important. Once you realize that, you are not far away from knowing that your purpose is to shape your passion. Your passion can lie in designing, in cooking up a storm in the kitchen, in experimenting, or in inventing – basically anything as long as it keeps you gunning for perfection.”

Dezmen adds, “Passion does not start as a burning desire in everyone. For many, it’s an interest that holds their focus longer than other things that occupy their day. In following that small interest, one stands to discover new ideas that stimulate the brain. And once the brain is stimulated and its potential is realized, even faintly, it’s difficult to look at things any other way again.”

For Dezmen, passion is what breeds results, and results, in turn, sustain passion.  

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