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Women Have the Potential to Rule the World, They Just Need the Right Boost, Says Lady Charlotte Armstrong

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Working diligently for the welfare of women, she’s pushing herself to achieve her goals to make this gender the most powerful of the human race.

Lady Charlotte Armstrong is a name who has aced as a multiple entrepreneur and philanthropist, being the mother of five children. The story behind the success of this dynamic woman who holds the reins of the entrepreneurial world is worth a mention in every book which speaks about success, especially coming from modern age women.

It all started growing up in front of the camera, and behind it too, starring in the British cult hit show Grange Hill and Hope & Glory, simultaneously modeling with This Morning with Richard & Judy, at the same time managing the show behind the scenes of some of the 90s British cult classics shows like Chanel 4’s Big Breakfast and the Word.

She was always on the go with her multiple jobs. She says production was something that interested her since the beginning, along with acting. That apart, babysitting or working at restaurants at weekends just to keep the cash inflow intact were some of the jobs she never hesitated doing.

Life was definitely not a bed of roses for this almost homeless woman who has risen from almost being an anonymous name to one of the most successful millionaire entrepreneurs who has conquered the business world at a fast pace in no time.

“I have faced the gravest of challenges right from being homeless to bad abusive relationships to abandonment and trauma, the worst of all situations since my young days and I strongly felt that we being women have to face a lot more than we can handle.

The traumatic experiences that life gave me made me think deeply about solutions that would help women to be strong enough, and help them tide past rough waters, giving them the power to face the world.

That was the idea behind the creation of LIP ©️ Ladies in Power, which offers downloadable content to help women across the globe to find their power through positive energy, mindset, and motivation,” says Lady Charlotte. She has taken this initiative to the next level and today travels the world with the LIP ©️ lifestyle. She also heads her other company, Too Glam GQ as its CEO & Founder.

The company has a wide range of vegan environmentally friendly products which has found its niche market. Along with managing her companies, she’s also taking her career in the entertainment industry to the next level as she’s soon coming to the United States to film her new documentary series.

Lady Charlotte has been working diligently for the cause of women empowerment and has shown the world through her various initiatives that women can also ace in the entrepreneurial world as they have loads of potential which needs to be tapped the right way, and she’s working hard towards empowering them with the right tools.

“There’s a lot to come in the near future as I’m looking out for some big collaborations in coming months, stay tuned for more on this,” concludes the millionaire multipreneur.

Follow her on Instagram @itsladycharlotte

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