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Why Networking Is a Crucial Tool in the Arsenal of Every Young Professional, as per Marty Jacobs

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Whether you are a fresh graduate, wondering how to begin the proverbial chase for your dream career, or living in your early twenties trying to figure out what you are destined to achieve, networking with actual people, can play an enormous role in helping you out. Call it old-fashioned, but Marty Jacobs realized this fact early on to become the successful, young professional he has grown into.

Currently serving as the COO of Astra Holdings, a disruptive media agency, Jacobs had previously helped hundreds of small businesses to scale their scope and reach. This, he was primarily able to do because of his expertise in social media and digital marketing. His love for traveling and meeting new people came in handy as it enabled him to meet and interview hundreds of successful entrepreneurs throughout the nation. And his passion for writing allowed him to share their success stories to a worldwide audience via multiple media. Indeed, Jacobs was smart enough to properly use the invaluable treasure trove of knowledge he had gained from networking.

It might surprise many that Marty Jacobs first got unfurled his wings through his favorite pastime – fishing. An avid angler from a young age, he even started his own business at the age of 15, to promote fishing-related products through social media. He created his fishing lifestyle brand ‘Fish Free’ and primarily promoted it through Instagram. After tasting great success and a following of thousands of people worldwide, he then founded Columbia Marketing and Management agency to help small businesses with digital media solutions. Jacobs has some big plans ahead for the future, like starting his own media firm and investing in small businesses.

The captivating tale of Marty Jacobs’ journey goes on to illustrate the efficacy of networking to any budding professional and can doubtless inspire many aspiring, starry-eyed youngsters to reach for the stars.

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