The Idea Behind The Reputique: Exclusive Interview With Vivek Malik

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Social media platforms are being overrun by wannabe influencers chasing status and wealth, and everyone wants to be like them—to live in a society engulfed in bling, cash, ego, and status. As per Vivek Malik, that is one of the reasons why people have lost their authenticity and core personalities—their “special thing” that defines them and makes them unique which helps them to stand out.

He points out that most people no longer understand what it means to “be yourself” and that they have become so engrossed in following the crowd that they have become lost in it. “Those who follow are competitive, insecure, and constantly positioning and provoking to one-up without producing real and tangible results,” he says. “The preceding raises one critical question: how can being a follower lead to true success?”

As Vivek further explains, he has a vision and mission to change all of that through his new PR firm, The Reputique. With his innovative strategies, he hopes to help people stop being followers and learn how to grow with their unique content, audience approach, and brand. In this exclusive interview, Vivek Malik reveals all the ‘whys’ and ‘hows.’

He starts with who all are his target audience, the Reputique will focus on entrepreneurs and public figures who are breaking new ground with successful businesses or trending content making real changes to help others and lift their communities. We want to show our clients their inspiring stories and talents have an impact on millions of people’s lives. Aside from that, we want to show our clients how they can use these same strategies to grow their image, businesses, and brands, as well as their communities.

Vivek Malik founded The Reputique to assist others in growing their business and image through PR. The inspiration for the Reputique as a whole is to show people the true, transparent story of entrepreneurs or successful people who have built their lives and businesses through failure and success. My story isn’t enough, so I want to learn from others and share that with those who want to learn as well.

I’m currently focusing on both my Marketing and PR firms, Big Data Marketers and Reputique, reaching clients worldwide and helping them accomplish their goals, and working on a book called “PR- The hardship and scams, which will be published next year. The book speaks of my growth traps in the PR niche and how I overcame them and continue to overcome them with specific strategies.

Our mentors fool us into believing we will grow automatically. However, that doesn’t happen, and when we become adults, growth takes a lot of work, stress, discomfort, and time. Most people talk about the way back, about the past they are stuck in because they haven’t figured out how to grow and come out of their comfort zones. You may follow him on his Instagram handle @vivekmalikk

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