Vishakha Malukani – God has blessed this young author with a sweet and innocent voice

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Vishakha Malukani

Girl who is blessed with the sweetest voice whose each word is full of innocence. Girl whose voice even haters fall for belongs to clean city Indore. She completed her masters last week & currently pursuing her internship in counselling psychology. Vishakha Malukani being first child of her family has always been the most loved one be it in her maternal or in the paternal family. She being a calm & innocent soul has always been everyone’s favourite. Her innocent voice has the magic to win anyone’s heart. She started writing to feel better. Everyone’s love made her conscious she started fearing because she doesn’t want to disappoint anyone in her family be it intentionally or unintentionally. She started fearing everything resultant she started penning down her feelings in her secret diary. She believes Everything in life happens for a reason. She never knew earlier that writing can bring so much change in her life. People today know her because of her sweet voice & words. She once started writing never stopped till the day. Sometimes you don’t know what plans God have for you never thought writing can be so relaxing & best stress buster.

Not only writing but in her psychology field too she has achieved a lot. She has worked with an NGO as a Child Counselor there too students got attracted towards her innocence. She is favourite of even those kids. She believes you don’t need to impress everyone, love of these unprivileged kids is a greatest blessing out of all the interns she was the most favourite intern being so soft spoken & calm. At her work place too it was so easy for her to attract people towards her innocence & cute voice. About her book, her first book was published in year 2019 & her second book will be published by end of this year that is 2021. Apart from writing she feels cooking as the best stress buster.Her life has been full of ups & downs and she has helped many of her closed ones to deal with lows because we all might have heard about “aap beeti”(आपबीति) unless you don’t suffer you can’t heal others so these lows again taught her Everything Happens for a reason this too happened for a reason so that she can choose psychology & do selfless service for unprivileged part of society.We all have one life and in this life nothing is more satisfying than being reason for someone’s smile. She feels this is the greatest feeling & achievement in life. She also feels she being God’s favourite God choosed her for this noble work.Not for monetary purpose but for inner peace she choosed this field.

People know her as “A Girl with a pure heart” and “A Girl with a sweet voice”. She is not arrogant about it because she believes her every appreciation belongs to God first and later to her because its God who gave her these qualities as her identity which makes things favourable for her. She believes arrogance interferes person for becoming a better person and no one is perfect?

You can reach her anytime through her Instagram handle @puresoulvibes19

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