Vineeth. K – Journey of an Architect to an Influencer

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Vineeth. K

“Vineeth. K is an architect, a fashion blogger, an influencer, and a content creator.”

Twenty-three years old Vineeth. K, widely known as @vneed_k (vneedworld) in social media from Kannur, Kerala, aces his content creation sphere with his innovative ideas and unique content in the social media platforms raring to make it huge. Besides this, he has a demonstrated history of working with more than 100 brands like turms wear, bewakoof, vedix, Paytm, Wildstone, and many more as an influencer.

It was back in 2019 when Vineeth and his partner Fairooz, who’s the co – founder, had partially established his architecture firm (D matrix).

He had bagged the first project for the design of a residence. Being pleased and enthusiastic, Vineeth had accepted the work, completed the project on time, and received huge appreciation for their exclusive outcome of the work. This way, he gradually started getting more clients. He had lots of sleepless nights as simultaneously managing an internship, and his job was difficult, but he had to toil hard, and eventually, everything turned out very well. Now he provides architecture, interior, landscaping, and contracting services to all the clients across India.

Vineeth got himself in the sphere of content creation when he first started posting pictures on social media. He used to get a lot of queries about his hair, clothing, and overall accessories. People began to adore his looks, and gradually he started receiving offers from brands. When he first collaborated with a brand, he had no idea how an influencer should be, but slowly he learned about its marketing and mastered his skills. So now, he provides content on menswear fashion, lifestyle, and men’s grooming.

Being a skillful and creative personality, Vineeth had also faced challenges unlike others when he peaked his career. Challenges are a part of our life, and without challenges, we cannot grow. But yes, managing time between content creation and architecture was tricky for him as it was tough for him to create content and provide designs to his clients on time. Though it was difficult, he managed it with action plans as he has always believed that passion makes people reach their goals. Vineeth had to toil hard because of his intense desire to launch his fashion brand in the category of menswear and accessories. 

Indeed, hard work and sacrifice is the key to reach and excel higher in life. Despite any circumstances, Vineeth always keeps himself motivated by finding interest in everything he does. He enjoys and cherishes his work. With an aim for high goals, he always breaks down large projects to be easier to handle. He is a soccer player and goes to the gym to keep himself balanced mentally and physically. Besides this, he is a wanderer and rejuvenates himself by exploring various places and values every little moment. 

Vineeth shares his words of wisdom for the young aspiring entrepreneurs “For the young readers, and aspiring entrepreneurs, all I can say is, do what you guys love to do no matter what, find happiness in each and everything you do and if you enjoy your work that will motivate you and bring more positivity in your work with growth. Keep yourself interested in the work you do no matter which field you are coming from. If you are a doctor, engineer, lawyer, it doesn’t matter. You can chase your passion along with your career. I am an architect and do influencer marketing, so I have managed both my passion and profession and found time for both that kept me moving ahead. Though it is not easy consistency and hard work is the key to success. So guys, ‘Do what you guys love to do.’ Find happiness in every inch of your life and explore the life.”

Vineeth currently stays in Kannur with his parents and elder brother. He is such an entrepreneur who is passionate about everything he does. He is passionate about his work in architecture, and the services he provides always remain world-class. He leaves no stone unturned in giving his best as an influencer and a content creator. His discipline, ethics, talent, and strong values are awe-inspiring!

Instagram: @vneed_k


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