Video Message About The Revolution In Iran

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The mass protests in Iran over the murder of Jina (Mahsa) Amini and the violent enforcement of the Islamic hijab by the Iranian government is slowly growing into a widespread political revolution aiming at the entirety of the Islamic Republic as a system. Meanwhile, Artists have been and continue to be specifically targeted by regimes for their transformative power in influencing social changeArt appeals directly to emotion it moves and inspires to continue fighting. 

One of iranian protest art going viral was a  video created by L-Shan Mo that spread rapidly over social media the video is started with a guy fawkes masked persona with a serious smile telling the world not to call the events taking place in iran simply “a protest” but a revolution.” Deep in every and each scene from bloodly crowded streets, demonstrated by hope and symbolic freedom elements are like floating flower parts or an unburden dancing girl playing with her long hair.

As the video slows down. this time, the dead speak up about the iran revolution, but they live no longer among us. the last voice belongs to sarina, saying all of them need freedom.

The masked guy appears once more appreciating those who support the iranian people’s resistance against brutality. afterward, the masked face appears on the news all over the world to ask the goverment and the influential governments to double the pressure on the islamic republic to support the iranian revolution against it.

The video ends up by the presence of the masked face in front of the azadi tower, chanting the motto ” woman, life, freedom” as the camera moves backward to show united people showing victory signs. in the last scene, the streets are shown to convey to the audience that path to freedom crosses the streets.

This video was reshared and noticed by many users in social platforms. Damnthatsinteresting with 9 million followers, also reshared this video, and these caused the social media users to deliberately discuss the diverse aspects of it. The video received contradictory criticisms as it was thought to be made by CIA. 

Here’s what L-Shan said earlier about the idea and the process of making the video:

“We needed to publish an artistic manifesto in the form of a video as soon as possible, which indicated the bitter and harsh incidents taking place in Iran. People from all over the world needed to get to know the situation better to be influenced in order to support the Iranian living in Iran.

Art has always been and still is a tool for displaying ideas indirectly. A true artist’s mission Is to use art the best way possible to stand against injustice.

As an Iranian who was forced to leave his country, it’s my duty to be the voice of my people when they stand against the brutal Islamic Republic of Iran. For doing so, I use my art. And this will never be stopped until the victory.


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