US Senate to vote on Roe v. Wade bill on Wednesday

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After a bombshell leak from the Supreme Court reigniting a decades-old wedge issue, the Senate will be voting on Wednesday to codify abortion rights into federal law.

A 67-page draft to possibly overturn the landmark decision of Roe V. Wade swept worldwide news outlets on May 2, 2022. Per WHIO, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will bring a bill before lawmakers to create a national right to abortion. Introduced by Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut (D), the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2022 will be voted on Wednesday, May 11.

This bill would create a right to abortion nationwide before the fetus is viable. It also ensures health care providers have the right to perform the procedure. Schumer calls this action “protecting a woman’s right to choose” and “America will see which side each senator is on” regarding this polarizing issue. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has told news outlets that a nationwide abortion ban is a possibility if Roe is overturned.

Schumer called the draft decision “an abomination.” He presents the Women’s Health Protection Act based on the understanding that a “handful should not make this personal decision of right-wing justices.” Many Americans share this belief, hence the necessity of Wednesday’s vote.

The bill is not expected to have the 60 votes needed to survive any filibuster by the Republicans. The Senate is 50-50 for both parties, with any tie-breaking votes cast by Vice President Kamala Harris. Based on this even split, the bill is not expected to pass. Despite this, each senator’s stance on the issue will be in the limelight. Per Schumer, they can no longer “duck it.”

While abortion has been a contentious issue for nearly half a century in the United States, a 538 poll shows that 69% of Americans do not want to see Roe overturned.

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