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Businesses have been digitally transforming for a while now, but the COVID-19 pandemic has increased its pace rapidly. With many brands having a growing digital presence, social media platforms have become the golden egg of businesses. Making optimum use of the virtual market calls for those with a knack for strategic social media branding. One of these specialists is the young and vibrant branding strategist, Aachal Agrawal.

Aachal’s journey to her current location began from a place that is almost alien to it. Immediately after graduating from school, she had enrolled in classes to become a full-fledged Chartered Accountant. After two years of studying and training, the youngster realized that CA was not her calling. As someone whose defining quality is staying curious to explore and learn something new every day, she ventured out in search of a line of work that tapped into the creative side of her brain and satisfied her soul.

During this period, she began practical implementation of her lessons by actively posting on LinkedIn and Twitter. Soon, she began socializing with many like-minded individuals and let her creativity run wild on the microblogging site. Pretty swiftly, Aachal’s association with fellow up-and-coming digital marketers led to her founding the online creative community ‘Trendbulls’ who used their specialized hashtag on various platforms and carved a name for themselves.

Her thoughts that took the form of 280 characters soon reached far and wide and found themselves on established e-news portals and media marketing handles. With her work gaining recognition, Aachal received a surge of confidence and began building a solid presence for herself across social media platforms, with the hope of landing clients and lending her creative services to them. As ambitious as it sounds, the process is anything but a bed of roses.

Slowly and steadily, she gained momentum and posted tweets that had great engagement and commendable reach regularly. Going by the name ‘Awwwchallllll’ on Twitter, Aachal’s work is inspiring awe among various brand owners, who have recently started approaching her to unleash her expertise and help get their products and services in the digital spotlight.

Having worked with an e-commerce website previously and garnering experience, Aachal is currently associated with an e-news portal and an e-commerce brand and is using her prowess to transform her clients’ digital presence. As an eternal learner and passionately curious person, she has started equipping herself with the latest industry knowledge, technology, and tools to improve herself and make a name for herself through her impeccable work.

When the pandemic happened, and she stayed confined within four walls scrolling through her mobile, Aachal recognized her fascination for social media. Traversing through one brand’s socials to the next, she had her Eureka moment and found herself inclined towards marketing. As curious as ever, she looked up courses to expand her knowledge of digital marketing and chanced upon Digital Gurukul, an institute for digital skills, joining their course almost immediately.


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