Umair Ahrar: The writer with a purpose

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My name is Umair Ahrar and I was born and brought up in Lucknow. I had a passion for writing since childhood and slowly slowly it becomes obsession Passion for writing starts with poetry and it goes towards short stories and plays. It helps me a lot to grow as a human being. When I started doing theatre in Delhi I get myself more involved into the humanistic approach of life. It gives me totally different understanding about society and life. My understanding on different subjects goes in depth because of theatre.

My exploration regarding theatre and life becomes a big turning point in my writing and it gave me really great strength to my pen. 

The book lilies at war is not just a short stories but it’s a life of sufferer and survivor of the war.

It takes you to another level of emotions where you not only feel the connection for human to another human but you questions also on the existence of humanity. The purpose of life and motives of humanity was always been the questions during the war.

These small stories are taken from different incidents the incidence could be fiction but the sufferings and emotions are real. I hope you will like the stories in book and help the humanity to grow regardless of caste, colour, religion or creed.

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