Three girls creating ripples with their book reviews

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Rubal Choudhary

A girl with wings, who not only wants to fly but also wants to achieve all possible things which can be achieved on this planet.
Just like the falcon she wants to fly high.
With the eagle’s eye, she carries the most interesting story and the aura to deliver a positive poetry in the surrounding.

An avid reader, fond of literature and books and loves to review books.
Rubal Choudhary is from Gurgaon, Haryana, Currently doing English Hons. Delhi University.
Being an ambivert she follows what her instincts ask her to.

You can connect to her at @themagicalreviews

Dipshikha Mohanty

Dipshikha resides in Cuttack, The Silver City of Odisha. She started her journey of becoming what she is today through writing in the year 2017. She never knew life would take such a beautiful turn and her writeups would have a voice of there own. From being a Writer to being a Verified Amazon Reviewer, it feels great to have achieved whatever she wished to. By profession she is a teacher and by passion she is a poet and a reviewer.

She got introduced to the field of reviewing in the month of January. And, She has been enjoying every bit of this wonderful journey.
She has reviewed 8 books overall:

  1. Cupid’s Arrow by Shaheen Kazi
  2. Life @ Crossroad by Shweta Maheshwari
  3. Story Of Unbelievable Miracles Of Life by Dinesh Sahay
  4. Beyond The Horizon by Chandan Sarkar
  5. When Goodbye Begins by Geeta Lal Sahai
  6. Argans: The Dream Knight by Swathi Nair
  7. The Crime Bandwagon by Amritha Varshini S
  8. Baabubrown and His School Holidays Vol1 by Shaheen Kazi.

Riya Bhati

paperback_romance page was started by RIYA last year after being inspired by watching random haul videos online . she thought how happy book lovers will be if someone do same with books which was made easy by lockdown which gave her ample time to rediscover her love for reading. She started reading books and sharing her views about those books on her page which also gave her an opportunity to connect with fellow book lovers like her . while writing book reviews her main focus is on highlighting the positive aspects of the book and firmly believes every book reaches us a lesson so her book reviews always has a paragraph dedicated to what she learned from the books.

“Nothing can sustain for long if there is no innovation” that’s the motto she believes in so you will always find her coming up with interesting activities on her page. She has a vision in mind for her page and hopefully in the coming time plans to focus on video content creation rather than just textual posts.


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