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The voice behind VocalMedia: Mitul Bhatt

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Today’s generation is influenced and guided greatly by celebrity interests and choices. People follow them closely in real as well as reel lives. So the public figures have to focus constantly on the image they set outside. It is important for them to create a brand in the market and make sure that people stay brand loyal. This is not only the case for celebrities but all other organisations and institutions as well. Keeping this idea in mind, a young mind, Mitul Bhatt created his own agency named “Vocal Media” to strategize and help artists create a relevant brand in the market.

The company “Vocal Media” focuses on several factors like Celebrity Management, Influencer Marketing, Personal Branding, and Social Media Marketing as well. Just as the physical presence of celebrities is of great relevance, social media is too. These days social media is the easiest tool to make a mark. Several people have become stars overnight through social media. So, this new dimension of social media marketing has risen significantly over the recent past. A lot of people these days earn their daily bread through social media. They create relevant content on food, lifestyle, gaming, travel, fashion, and many more. Since people are too swiped by social media these days and what or how they would appear to look cool, social media has thus become the easiest option to get all such information. This has mainly given birth to such huge numbers of social media bloggers and influencers. Thus, Mitul aims to help and promote these Gen Z stars through proper branding.

Mitul believes that if these social media creators are strongly active to their users, easily responsive, interactive, and are organic in creating content, it can help them create the desired mark. This was the thought that went behind the making of this company. Mitul Bhatt thus is a staunch believer in the power of social media. One should just not post anything on social media, they should first think, then plan, and finally post. Mitul himself educates and follows the path of strategic and smart learning. This becomes quite relevant from his social media. He is a keen learner and tries to adapt and educate about the several happenings of the society.

Mitul also feels that what comes on digital media, stays forever. So, that is also one of the primary importance of being digital and practicing marketing accordingly. Sharing the similar thoughts is the Vocal Media Co-founder Pratik Bhatt, who feels their company is designed to make a change and work per excellence. Prakruti Vyas, the campaign executive also shares the same vision with the two. The company has its own website and Mitul is also very active on his social media handles and updates regularly regarding the same


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