The Story Of How Hip-Hop Artist Thais Gonzalez Stepped Into The World Of Music

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Some people are truly multitalented. To be a celebrity mixologist, former bar manager, model, and singer is certainly impressive in itself. Combine this with a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience and psychobiology plus a budding hip-hop career, and you have up and coming sensation Thais Aimee Gonsalez.

This Instagram star has been on 15 magazine covers and has a lifelong passion for music. Her previous work experience has paved the way for her to focus on music as her career, and she has the fanbase to keep the momentum going. Once known as Princess Thais, this model, poet, actress, and musician now goes by Sweet Te in the hip hop community.

Thais’ first single, Took His Money, was released in 2018 and followed up with Heat in November of 2019. Took His Money was an instant hit on radio stations and dance floors across the United States, with the track earning a spot on the Hot 97 list. In 2020, she released a remix of Felix Felgado’s On My New York Sh*t which received immediate acclaim. This single further boosted Thais’ popularity.

This stunning model and dancer is perfectly at home on the club scene. Her bartending skills have secured Thais a spot at private VIP parties held at famous locations like King of Diamonds, Tootsies, Cheetah, and the Cameo Nightclub. She is the face of recognized fashion brands like SNKRHEAD NYC, PSD Mens Underwear, and ALSO Luxury Gowns. Thais recently launched a fashion and lingerie line called Sweet Teasories and is working on a cosmetic line.

These projects all come in second place to Thais’ commitment to music. She has started piano and violin lessons while hoping to establish herself as a songwriter. Her skills as a poet will certainly come in handy as she applies them to writing lyrics. Thais is also involved in social activism, hoping to be a voice to remind women to love themselves and their natural bodies. Other causes she supports are women’s rights and protecting sharks from the gruesome finning industry.

With three successful singles, two of which being produced by hip hop legends, and 15 magazine covers on her resume, Thais is well on her way to becoming a household name. Truly a multi-talented artist, this performer is constantly re-inventing herself to deliver optimal results when it comes to her music.


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