The Business Giant Umeshh Arora Joins Hands with The Young Digital Marketer Abdul Momin

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The business has always been about accepting the uptrends. Although, marketing has always remained as the key factor to expose any business to the new heights and so is it yet. But the things that changed are the ways it is executed. If we do not consider the other major benefits, the Covid itself has opened the doors for marketing and selling your products digitally. Aldigital Marketing agency, company led by Mr. Momin proves the same by building the trust from the industry’s renown business persons like Mr. Arora and many more. Our team is in contact with Mr. Momin and we will shortly bring a detailed interview about In today’s topic, we will cover the story of Mr. Arora, the person who started from being a hawker, became CA, emerged as Amazon’s bestselling author, is running 7 successful businesses but somehow remained distant from the fancy digital world.

Mr. Umeshh Arora is a C.A (F),LL. B., Amazon Best Selling Author of book by the name of “MARK YOUR PRESENCE – DISCOVER YOUR VISION” and a successful entrepreneur. He tried 22 businesses and is running 7 successful businesses at the moment. He has gone though the 360 degree journey from a Newspaper hawker to a multi-millionaire giving employment to more than 1000 people. His measure of success is how many people he’s providing employment to, looking at which he is being quite successful at achieving his goals.

Mr. Arora has lived his life fully and gone through a lot of life challenges and overcome them. He has deeply studied the life of the very successful people who went from rags to riches that made them extraordinarily successful and what is the hidden secret to reaching their level of success. He has tried observing and discovering secrets from the lives of these people and through this book and through his coaching conveying these teachings to his readers. He strongly believes in law of nature, whatever you give to the universe, Universe give same back to you.

Umeshh’s mission statement is “To make this world a better place to live by helping each family to upgrade/improve their living style so that their next gestation get birth in better environment”.

The very recent achievements of Mr. Arora have emerged as the star dealer of the India’s most advanced smart city Dholera project. Mr. Arora’s company Konark Land is helping the PAN India buyers to have the lands of their choice in the India’s most awaited and most awaited SIR city. The project Dholera is the dream vision and has been promoted by our PM Modi itself. We tried to get more information about Dholera that Konark Land Developers are dealing with. We got some exciting information from their official digital marketing consultancy partners, aldigital. Here are the key features of the project:


The Investors here have the convenience of doing business through advantages like a single-window clearance and an e-Land assignment system.


The infrastructure built in the city includes stormwater drains, electricity, wastewater discharge, underground ducts, among others. The city is supposed to have drinkable tap water.


The Dholera smartcity is connected to major cities such as Vadodara and Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar and Mumbai via the National Highway 8. Also, it is well linked to the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT).


At a stone’s throw from the DMIC corridor, the city will offer the excellent connectivity to India’s national and financial capital.


Given its excellent connectivity and reduced property prices, the Dholera will be home to many MNCs and the manufacturing giants, which in turn, will create a surplus of job opportunities for young Indians.


The Dholera is set to be a perfect sustainable city with a lush green garden and field on one side and skyscrapers on the other. Every home will have a tidy surrounding maintaining excellent cleanliness throughout the whole city.
Summarising the today’s cover, we found it really interesting to see a well experienced businessman making the deals of India’s most awaited smart city and the same time, that person welcoming  the new technologies and the new generation business strategists with his open arms, Marking His Presence STRONGLY!


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