The budding singer and songwriter Kaustub Prakrsh to shine soon as a playback singer

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Whether a person is thinking about launching a small business or changing careers, their recreational enthusiasm must be taken into account. While strong morals, talent, ambition, intellect, discipline, determination, and chance all contribute to business and career success, pursuing one’s passion can frequently make the biggest impact on everyone. Kaustub Prakrsh began his career as a singer and songwriter with a more optimistic approach and conquering difficulties through problem resolution because he believes in the power of passion and excitement.

During his school days, Kaustub developed an interest in music. When he was in fourth grade, he was inspired to learn to play the keyboard after seeing his teacher do so. He developed a strong interest in playing the keyboard, which led to him becoming obsessed with singing. The sound of musical instruments used to draw him closer to his dream of one day becoming a singer. Indeed, his passion for singing came from deep within his soul, mind, and heart. And now he thinks he’s written his own verse somewhere along the way. However, until he met a guru who could unlock his potential and bring him closer to achieving his objectives, his road had never been easy or uncomplicated.

Kaustub shared his journey in a crux “My path has never been easy; I’ve faced numerous challenges since the beginning of my singing career, which began with the search for a guru. My voice was constantly praised, but I had a strong desire to keep learning, which was tough for me at the time. My school has been quite helpful. Despite the fact that I began singing as a hobby, I always believed it would become my career. I couldn’t get enough of the fantasy of being the next big singing sensation. As I progressed through my Board exams, I became more certain of my desire to become a professional singer. My parents are my biggest supporters, and they supported my decision by taking me to Banaras to study Hindustani classical music for a while. I was so lucky that the entire life I prayed for was a guru, a teacher who could guide me in music, and it was India’s legendary classical vocalist Padma Vibhushan Pt Chhannulal Mishra.”

Kaustub’s struggle did not end here despite getting a music guru. He adds “I expressed my feelings and emotions to learn music from him but he denied with an option. He stated that he will accept me as a disciple only if I learn two raagas, Bhairavi and Yaman, and return to him after two months. I returned home and began putting in all of my efforts, and two months later, I saw him. He inquired about my education by being humorous. His mouth cornered with a smile and eventually, he accepted me as his student after learning about my initial practice from YouTube, and with his blessing I kickstarted my journey as his disciple that marked the beginning of a step ahead the accomplishment of my goal. Living in Varanasi and having the opportunity to study under GURU SHISHYA PARAMPARA was such a blessing; it transformed me spiritually and musically. He and I have shared stages at a number of well-known festivals. After I left Varanasi, I wanted to learn western music, so I enrolled at AR Rahman’s KM Music Convertary, where I am now majoring in western classical and learning from great masters from all over the world, as well as collaborating with my fellow musicians. I recently finished my FUSION SONG, which I learned from my guruji in Banaras, and it’s called ‘The Hues of Krishna,’ and it’s an electronic experimental song in Raag Vairavi

In fact, the more committed Kaustub was to his objective, the more likely he was to work hard on improving himself, enhancing his chances of success. His love of singing offered him a motivation to keep learning and striving for mastery, providing him with new experiences and a sense of purpose in the pursuit of pleasure. His enthusiasm for singing grew exponentially, increasing his chances of success in whatever he chose to do in life.

Currently, Kaustub is establishing a significant profile as an independent musician on Spotify and YouTube, performing covers, experimental music, and originals. He’s also composed a couple of songs that will be released in the near future. He is also singing several scratches in Chennai for music composers from Tamil Film Industry and gaining valuable expertise working with south Indian composers. Whenever he sings, he sings with all of him by putting everything he can into it. Kaustub envisions himself as the next major singing sensation, and he intends to be one.

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