Talking Rugby & More With Will Wand

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FoxInterviewer Asked: Hi Will, thanks for chatting to us today! How have you found your first season playing men’s rugby?

Will Wand: Obviously, it’s been very challenging, but I like that! You must be pushed to improve so it has excelled my game a lot. You just must learn from everyone around you and take in as much information as possible.

FoxInterviewer Asked: Have you got any interests outside of Rugby? 

Will Wand: I am pretty good at video editing and content creation so that’s been a bit of a side hustle for me. I enjoy sitting down for a few hours to get creative.

FoxInterviewer Asked: What are your goals as a Rugby player?

Will Wand: I think everyone wants an opportunity to play for their country, but for me, it’s about playing rugby at the highest level I possibly can. Rugby is a short-lived career so it’s about maximising your full potential. When I get older, I don’t want to be thinking that I haven’t done as much as I could have.

FoxInterviewer Asked: What do you believe is the greatest challenge most rugby players are facing today?

Will Wand: Good question! I think that motivation and self-belief is probably one of the biggest challenges. A lot of players probably don’t believe they’ll ever make it to a top level and therefore lose their motivation. Like in any sport, you’ve got to be able to persevere and keep sticking at things even when they aren’t going your way.

FoxInterviewer Asked: As we’re located in the USA ourselves, what do you think of the rugby out here?

Will Wand: The MLR has huge potential to be one of the top leagues in the world. Some of the best athletes are produced in America as we’ve seen from the top sports there, so it would be great to see rugby grow and show off some of the talent. The rugby 7s side is already pretty dominant, it’s so entertaining to watch them play!

FoxInterviewer Asked: How do you look after yourself before/after games & what do you do to prepare?

Will Wand: I do a lot of the simple stuff really. As we all know, rugby takes a massive toll on the body so you’ve really got to do your best to look after yourself. I do a lot of stretching/mobility work which aids recovery and I sometimes grab an ice bath. I just go up to the shop, get a few bags of ice and whack it in the bath at home! I also do a lot of foam rolling which helps the muscles out. Diet is also very important. I try to hit my protein target and consume a balanced diet at all times. In terms of preparation, I like to load up on carbohydrates a night or two before the game.


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