Sweta Sharma – The famous lifestyle vlogger, allrounder content creator, and influencer shares her story

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There is a famous saying that “Jack of all trades cannot be the master of one” and they also say “multitasking is a Myth”.

But today, I will give you another perspective on this!

So here I want to share my story with you all, I was an ambitious child with lots of dreams inside from the very beginning but I have had my fair share of struggles since my childhood days, Days passed and as I completed my matriculation I started teaching the underprivileged students (as at a very young age I understood what some children go through from their early ages due to various reasons ) along with the underprivileged students, I used to teach other students also through which I used to get a good amount of pocket money, and also I used to feel good spending time with them, the total gist of the work made me continue and expand up to more than 40 students by the time I became 20, and during graduation, I joined a coaching institute also, where I used to teach students from class 8 to 12 on Saturday and Sunday only,  as on the other days I myself used to go to college.

I always had an eye to work for NGOs, be it volunteering, hosting events, or conducting training. Handling social work on one hand, and learning new things, I was curious to bloom and hence completed my training in hotel management, tourism, and many more such courses and training.

We all know there comes hindrance on our way every time when everything starts going smoothly so here it was … my parents decided to get me married soon after I graduated. All of a sudden, I started getting anxious about my dreams will I be ever able to fulfill them or not?

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason and God has better plans than we have for ourselves.

So taking the hold of the situation, I decided to pursue PGDCA as I got engaged just a month after I got my degree, and the next year was my marriage so I had a year in my hand so utilizing that time I joined part-time jobs, enrolled for PGDCA and got rewarded as the “most talented student of the batch”, kept going to teach in the institute, home tuitions, anchoring, social work, all continued as I was perplexed of the fact that would I be able to do the things I love doing even after my marriage, I always wanted to pursue my higher studies and keep learning till I achieve my goal, all these questions always used to make me tensed.

My eyes were still dreaming about my higher studies but since I was a daughter-in-law now, I also had responsibilities too on my shoulder. So, I joined a school in Delhi and continued as a teacher there for 6 months. Alongside teaching, I used to do my art and craft, painting, cooking, etc which were my hobby since childhood.

After some days we again got transferred from Delhi to Gujarat, coming here again the same process continued, it was a new place, new people, new culture, everything new!

I had to start again from the beginning, so this time I just decided in my head that I will anyhow pursue my studies, I started part-time coaching for students in Gujarat also and got enrolled for MBA.

But it’s not always as easy as it seems, the life is not the same after marriage, but thankfully my husband was supportive in this decision of mine to continue my studies but now began my real studies, I took admission in regular classes and not a distance one, so with other marital responsibilities brought a challenging scenario for me but I tried to manage it and gave my 100 percent and left no opportunities to finally become the topper of the batch putting a lot hard work, it is one of my greatest achievements I can say because I was a science background student who stood No 1 among all commerce background students, I was the only married one among all my classmates, I was the only one who was a student from out of the state.

Anyways, the most interesting part, of Lockdown 2020 happened, but how an artist can put a lockdown on her creative angle.

I continued my art craft, painting, makeup, cooking, all, video making and editing, all those stuffs which I enjoyed doing and which made me happy.

I loved cooking and presenting them in a creative way, sometimes I used to click the pictures and upload them on WhatsApp and used to get a lot of appreciation and people started asking for the recipe, for the art and craft tutorial, so an idea struck to my mind, why not start Blogging and put my creativity there so started it and used to consistently post my activities there which brought both appreciation and criticism my way but I never stopped.

Today with 84800 followers and more than 500 brand collaborations, I am trying to serve creativity through Arts & Crafts, Paintings, Food blogging, and Vlogging.

I believe the quest for learning is beyond people’s criticism hence in the lockdown itself I did multiple courses and earned almost 210 skill certificates of completion including the World book of record certificate for participating in India’s largest career guidance digital conference.

Today, after my post-graduation, by the grace of God, in no time I got placed in a reputed firm as a Consultant, an Agent, an Advisor, an Affiliate & Digital Marketer, Content creator along with being a Freelance Blogger, and Social Media Influencer

I believe we should take rest but never stop, keep working towards our goal, and never give up whatever the situation.

I am a sucker for multitasking, I love doing different types of work, I enjoy learning new things, and I always think there are so many things to do and so less time we have to accomplish them.

But still, I believe I have miles to go before I sleep.


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