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Being a graduate in Electrical Engineering and a passionate Writer, I have been working in several fields like an entrepreneur, nutritionist, blogger, poet, photographer. I love to work in multiple fields as it helps in keeping my dopamine level intact. An avid reader, I love reading books of all categories. Because different books teaches you different things to learn in life. Acquiring knowledge is something that I love because this world is full of mysterious things and knowing about them is a unique fun.

My journey began in 2010 as a writer. I never thought one day I would be known as a writer/author too. So far, my works have been published in 30+ anthologies in the form of poems, articles and quotes. My motive of becoming a writer was to help people to motivate and inspire them in life. Gone through some bad experiences and struggles at a very young age I was able to understand things better about life, its meaning, about relationships, humans, the overall psychology and philosophy behind it. Digging deep inside I was able to know certain truths of life. In all my works, what I have shared is my personal life experiences. If you are able to understand the hidden meaning behind it you can lead a happy life.

I’m recognized as an international poet on Poetry Soup where all my poems are published. You can also find my work on platforms like Yourquote & Writco. Have also worked with a Women’s only NGO named WAVE where I was appointed as the district coordinator of Nagpur district. I keep my social work active by doing some charity and blood donations regularly and I would encourage you to do the same. It feels good! For I believe, you don’t need to be a doctor to save anyone’s life. Your smallest yet a noble act is worth enough.

I have recently started up with a business firm in the name of S. K. Goodwill Distributors during the pandemic and its been running successfully by God’s grace. I have been awarded for “Startup of the Year 2021” by the Rising Star team and this was totally unexpected. It feels good when your hard work and efforts get paid off in the end. And, the journey does not ends here for I believe there’s more to achieve in life and reach great heights!

The Rising Stars platform is proud to have Sujish Mohanan Kandampully as Independent Indian Icon.


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