Success coach Bismarck Ebiweh on being a successful self-published author at 23

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Life Coach Bismarck Ebiweh learned self-development early in his life. Situations in life left me alone and stranded. He took it in his stride to make himself a better version with time. And now he shares his lessons with the world. He has successfully self-published a book on dating and self-development. At just 23, he surely practices first and then preaches. Bismarck insists self-development is the road to success, be it personal or professional.

In his book, “ Cracking the dating code”, he elaborately explains the importance of self-improvement in enhancing a Man’s life. He also shares the Dos and Donts of Dating, to guide men, in finding their right partner. In his Youtube Channel with 50k subscribers, and growing, he covers all topics crucial to keeping a sustainable relationship. Each video of his brings in real-life experiences, discussions on taboo topics, dating errors, and the most common misconceptions revolving around relationships. Most of his YouTube videos have millions of views and active engagement from followers.

Bismarck considers it his life purpose to empower men. Men often stay put in the situations given to them. It’s a rare practice where a man evaluates his own flaws and works on them. This often leads to an unconscious repetition of learned behaviors and actions. A man often looks for a partner who is flexible and adjusts as per him. Bismarck wants to educate men on this monotonous situation in their life, that often leads to several breakups and broken families. He says, “It’s not about having flaws, it’s about working on them.”

Bismarck shares that adaptation with time improves the quality of your own life. Be it any gender, a person is responsible for their share of improvement or they are likely to meet the consequences. To improve your life, one needs to develop oneself physically and mentally. Swap your existing routine, learn new skills, incorporate new habits, set goals, and smash them! That’s a quick tour of how you go about it. Bismarck specializes in self-development and self-grooming. He walks his clients through their personal routines and helps them incorporate the necessary changes. For his dedicated followers on Instagram and YouTube, he regularly posts videos with genuine content and information, that would help them grow!


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