Subhendu Ganguly – A well-known philanthropist on a mission to support and assist the younger generation.

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It goes without saying that, while philanthropy takes numerous forms, it is fundamentally an act of benevolent giving that benefits others. It’s important to remember that philanthropy isn’t only about donating money; at the end of the day, it might mean lending your time, skills, and knowledge in any position for the benefit of others. Subhendu Ganguly is a well-known social benefactor who has invested in the development of India’s younger generation.

Without a doubt, Subhendu Ganguly‘s philanthropy is motivated by an altruistic desire to increase human wellbeing. In Indian culture, giving back to society has long been a part of life. Subhendu has always believed in offering his best to benefit society in his personal capacity, having inherited the principles and teachings of great social leaders. Subhendu has made a significant contribution and is now engaged in a philanthropic mission to support and assist the younger generation in this country to lead a successful life and inspire confidence in the young people to overcome life challenges through his hard-earned life lesson. Subhendu has a rich experience of 25 years in Sales and Marketing in various Indian and Multinational Companies across India. 

Subhendu’s mission, ThinkFast ThinkWin, was coined with the goal of engaging the young generation through a variety of initiatives such as helping people understand their potential professionally and personally, assisting youth in being successful in their professional careers, guiding people in finding the best job through effective use of Social and Professional Networking and enhancing skills through extensive guidance.

Most crucially, Subhendu is conducting all of these activities in an entirely non-commercial manner, with no direct or indirect motive for commercial or non-commercial gain. It’s a full-fledged social service, and Subhendu has no financial stake in it. Subhendu appeals to India’s youth to seek his help whenever they meet difficulties in their daily lives. With his ThinkFast ThinkWin initiative and a broader approach to giving back to the Indian Youth, he helps them to understand the larger goal and objective of life, guide people to realize their potential in life and handle social challenges with a stronger mind, supports the young generation of India on how to manage their life energy better so that people can enjoy the best of their relationships, and teaches student groups on how to handle their career. 

Needless to mention, youth is the period of our lives when we learn to make decisions and begin to make rational decisions for the development of society. Youth form character, and as a result, they are an important component of society’s growth. God has placed all power in the hands of the youth so that he can efficiently carry out all of his responsibilities. In order to achieve this, Subhendu’s project, ThinkFast ThinkWin, instilled in the youth of our society the belief that now is the time to act and think positively and creatively. Subhenduhas over 20,000+ followers on social media and is assisting more and more people in achieving their goals through live help. You can also follow him on YouTube. 

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