Steve Marino – Michigan Political Leader Now Charting New Career Horizons 

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Steve Marino, former Michigan State Representative, has spent his career navigating the intricate world of public policy, making a significant impact along the way. Now, as he seeks new career challenges, he is well-equipped to leverage his extensive knowledge and experiences gained during his tenure representing his district and engaging with local businesses.

His journey began with a series of unique experiences that shaped his life and career. From dual enrolling in college at just 16 to being a high school quarterback, student body president at both the high school and Michigan State University levels, and even playing college lacrosse, his path was far from ordinary. He served as the student liaison to the MSU Board of Trustees and played a part in creating student representation within his district’s “Community Action Coalition.” He watched Michigan State play UNC in basketball on an aircraft carrier with the President of the United States in attendance and became a lobbyist at the tender age of 22. His election to the Macomb County Commission at 25 to represent a county with nearly one million people marked a significant milestone.

His political career took off when he served three terms in the Michigan House of Representatives, with noteworthy accomplishments like chairing the Commerce & Tourism Committee during the challenging COVID-19 Pandemic. He authored his first piece of legislation while still an undergraduate, which became law, and played a pivotal role in securing state funding for his local community college’s largest-ever investment. His dedication and thirst for knowledge have driven him to pursue a Master’s in Public Policy and Administration at Northwestern University, potentially followed by a JD/MBA.

Steve Marino’s success in the field of public policy stems from his unique background, which includes serving in nearly every capacity within the government, from elected local and state offices to working as a legislative staff member and lobbyist before pursuing elected office. His ability to swiftly develop subject-matter expertise in complex topics sets him apart.

Some of the public policy initiatives he championed during his time in the Michigan House of Representatives included economic development, insurance and health policy, procurement, energy, autonomous vehicles (AV) and electric vehicles (EV), content moderation, data privacy, FinTech, automation, mobility, and technology.

His approach to productivity earned him the respect of colleagues and constituents and is rooted in meticulous planning. He carries a hardcopy planner and notebook, taking diligent notes and jotting down thoughts. He swears by setting out clothes the night before, using an Eisenhower matrix, employing Cornell notes in meetings, and practicing the Pomodoro technique.

His advice for anyone looking to excel in their careers includes learning how to learn effectively, daily exercise, maintaining a sense of romance even within marriage, and writing thank you notes to every new person encountered at work.

As Steve Marino embarks on a new phase of his career and pursues higher education with the same determination as he showed during his political career, his ability to grasp new concepts rapidly, retain complex knowledge, and maintain a relentless thirst for learning will undoubtedly serve as valuable assets. His experiences in various facets of government and his dedication to productivity offer insights for anyone seeking success in their endeavors.


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