Spiritual Wisdom for Thriving Businesses: An Exclusive with Nina Verkoeyen, the founder and CEO of Meta Spirituality

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It’s not often that you encounter a person who flawlessly merges the realms of spirituality and business, but Nina Verkoeyen is doing just that. With a background ranging from mental health therapist to meditation teacher, and now as the founder and CEO of Meta Spirituality, Verkoeyen’s 20 years of work propagating greater awareness is nothing short of impressive.

Verkoeyen initially began her career as a psychologist, lending support to those battling depression and anxiety. Yet, her path ultimately led to the establishment of Meta Spirituality, a modern spiritual tradition with a focus on practicality. Her mission is to bring spirituality into every field, including business. 

“Every day presents a new opportunity to guide individuals in connecting their spiritual path with their entrepreneurial drive,” she told Forbes. “Coaching them in building a thriving business that is based on spiritual laws of success as an extension of who they truly are is an immensely rewarding job.” 

Nina Verkoeyen’s approach is radically different from the mainstream personal development approach. While she acknowledges that conventional spiritual practices like meditation, affirmations, and visualization can spark an interest in spirituality, Verkoeyen believes those “spiritual intermediaries” should be quickly let go of, because true spiritual evolution lies in cultivating a direct relationship with the Creator within. 

As a renowned spiritual leader and the founder of Meta Spirituality, how do you perceive the intersection of spirituality and business in today’s world?

“Spirituality and business are not simply intersecting; they are one and the same. In Meta Spirituality we don’t view the material and spiritual worlds as opposites but see them non-dually as one entity. A business that lacks a foundation in spirituality falls short of being truly successful. The greatest business leaders have always been motivated by a sense of purpose larger than their own individual selves. Even if many entrepreneurs aren’t aware of it, the desire to create something valuable—whether it’s a life-changing product or a technological advancement that propels our society forward—stems from a core urge to express oneself as a creator and shift the external world.” 

Could you provide an example of how spiritual knowledge has a direct impact on business?

“If we want a successful business without compromising other areas of our lives like health, relationships, and others, our business must have a correct spiritual foundation and be a reflection of who we truly are. Spiritual values guide our business decisions, mold our motivations, and determine how we interact with our clients, among other things. Our business is not just a venture; it’s a direct manifestation, a form of self-expression, and an extension of our very identity. And my mission is to help every business leader out there perceive it as such. 

When we let our spiritual self-awareness lead our business decisions, we never compromise our values in pursuit of profit. We chase what we’re passionate about, we sidestep burnout, and we cultivate a sense of success and abundance. This level of self-actualization, which emerges from remaining true to ourselves, is an achievement that money alone simply can never deliver.”

What spiritual principles would you recommend implementing into business?

“I teach how to step away from external influences, embrace the internal guidance system each of us possesses, and run businesses not solely by our rational minds, which can be plagued by fears, doubts, procrastination, and limiting beliefs that hamper the creation of a great business. 

When we merge the mind with the true self, the decisions we make, the strategies we design, and the visions we carry are birthed from a place of unity and immense spiritual power – we harness that power of the creator within and effortlessly build a thriving conscious business and the reality we could only dream of. 

I also encourage viewing others as extensions of a singular soul, living in various bodies, which brings a unique, spiritual dimension to business interactions. It helps us see that our clients reflect our fears, our destructive mental programs, our level of self-worth, and our personal problems that we are trying to solve. By helping others and seeing others as an extension of who we are, we help and heal ourselves, and our business becomes our spiritual path, and our spiritual practice that teaches us and guides us to self-realization.”

As the CEO of Meta Spirituality, how have you integrated your spiritual principles into your own organization’s corporate culture?

“It’s an honor to have a team of passionate individuals at Meta Spirituality. We’ve worked diligently to reach people all over the world, providing spiritual insights and fostering a welcoming community. As we look ahead, our ambition is to expand our outreach and assist as many individuals as we can on their spiritual paths – and that includes those in the business sphere. 

We’re envisioning a future where spirituality is not the exception but the rule. We believe everyone, regardless of their professional field, should have access to the resources they need to uncover their true essence as the Creator and express this through their work.”

Nina Verkoeyen‘s remarkable journey as a spiritual entrepreneur and founder of Meta Spirituality showcases the profound impact of harmonizing spirituality and business. Meta Spirituality’s vision of a world where spirituality is the driving force in all fields is a compelling testament to the potential for positive transformation in both individuals and businesses. With her passion, compassion, and unwavering dedication, Verkoeyen stands as a living testament to the infinite possibilities that emerge when spirituality and business coalesce harmoniously.


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