Sonam Chanawala: The story of an emerging fashion blogger

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Age is never a constraint for a dreamer Sonam Chanawala is the voice of many folks looking for a bright life. The one who believes you can achieve your goals if you start paving towards your aim. The girl with a great vision and desire to pull off success no matter how many obstacles she faces. The story is about a woman who is the epitome of knowledge, peace, and simplicity.

Sonam Chanawala belongs to a Muslim family. Her family is her greatest support. Without her family, the success she has today would have not been possible. Her upbringing was done in a very latitudinarian and broad-minded manner. All these kept her out of all the societal constraints and restrictions.

She was given all the freedom to pursue her dream. Her parents never forced her into something that she would have not desired to be. Her interests are in fashion, music, literature, and art. A big dreamer with a powerful thought would be the real definition for Sonam Chanawala. The most powerful equipment she has with her is the power of a dream.

She stepped into academics and chose arts to be her stream in her college. Although her whole family was into commerce, she chose arts, as her interest pushed her into it. She was a very energetic student to make it big someday.

(Sonam Chanawala)

She never faced any restrictions that are not her secret of success. But she desired to be something that’s her way of bringing on success. In this world where women are still under judgmental comments, myths, and patriarchal society.  Sonam Chanawala decided to make a statement for every woman out there. For the women, who are dumped under dominating society and judgmental folks. She never faced any struggling phase, but she took few decisions that helped her to learn some lessons.

She believes that learning is a ceaseless process. She is a woman with a vision to serve people with her writing skills. Sonam is also the co-author of a tremendous masterpiece “Unleased thoughts”. She has successfully engraved a reputed place as an emerging fashion blogger. She is standing at a place with immense pride. As she represents many women and teaches them whatever she could. Her work is always lauded by folks for her creativity. It’s never easy for women to stand out for themselves in a society where women are still treated as a “thing” and not a human.

Sonam Chanawala has decided to inspire people through her work ethic and creativity. She never regrets or worries about anything. Her motto is to live her life to the fullest embracing everything she has in her life. She is a valiant personality, that’s how she wanted to be. A woman with knowledge and courage to stand for righteousness.

She is an example of an unflinching personality. She never hesitates to dream big. That’s how she is different from others. The one who believes in a process, hard work, and not in consequences. By the grace of God, Sonam Chanawala is the real hero trying to bring positivity to society.


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