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Sonal Srivastava: The Emerging Legend In Modern Literature

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Emerging from the dust is her forte.

Every fall and intensity of it beckons her heights of rise, she believes. Sonal Srivastava is writing a tremendous history as she narrates inspirational tales. She aspires to be a self-made woman and help her readers fight their inner demons. Sonal is a lady with wings that seek untouched heights to attain the depths of her passion, and dismisses the bounds of incapabilities. Her love for Victorian English reflects in her work immensely. Sonal’s ventures to the aisles of soul-lifting tales began when her interest in exploring the thoughts of people and their soul-dampening emotions increased.

( ‘Winning Your Demons’ and ‘The Yodha Of Our Times’ by Sonal Srivastava)

Lady With A Magical Pen—Sonal Srivastava

‘Winning Your Demons’ and ‘The Yodha Of Our Times’ are two of her page-turning, captivating, and inspiring books that she has recently got published. The book, Winning Your Demons, has garnered significant attention among readers, and was ranked as the second-best book by a reviewer on their website. Readers have showered their reviews and claim both her books as power boost of passion and thought-provoking ideas. Sonal Srivastava has also co-authored several anthologies such as Petals 2020, Pandemic Conjuring Chaos, Box of Poems, and The 80 Best Poets of India.

From Building Her Wings to Flying High

“Living a story and writing one under the influence of imagination or emotions is beautiful but living and writing that story is the most amazing experience. Life is indeed the best written novel one can write and own.” believes Sonal Srivastava. The face of Caroling Pen Publishing has gained prominence as “The Next Big Name in the Modern Literature,” by several media platforms. Following her success, Sonal was covered in a series of interviews by various international and national media platforms, including The Healing Radio, Radio Vrishti, and Reading The Authors podcast show.

She was declared the first runner-up in India’s Top Best Poets competition organized by Swadhya Publishing House, and an anthology, Pandemic Conjuring Chaos, published by Caroling Pen Publishing. Sonal was also nominated for the literary fest organized by Ne8x. The author currently works in a leading market research firm, and her feature write-ups have previously been published in Chemical Today and Saffron Media. Sonal’s stepping stones of careers are highlighted as a Trainee Journalist in CNN IBN and RSTV (Rajya Sabha TV) in New Delhi, before she stepped into the market research industry in Pune to explore her career as a feature writer and editor.

The Next Chapter? 

The alumnus of IIMC, Dhenkanal has learnt to count the romance of uncertainties and determination as the most certain stepping stones toward progress and success. Sonal believes that words won’t tell a tale, unless you want them to. Her upcoming novel has created a buzz among readers and media, and stirred much curiosity among readers as it flirts with the most crucial emotions we could experience. So hold your heart for her next launch.


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