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Somya Tyagi is a 20 year old medical student studying at the LNCT, BHOPAL. She is passionate about making her family proud and wants to fly as high as she can in life.The girl hails from Sambhal, UP and writing for her is more than just a hobby. When she feels low, she writes down her feelings to express herself through her writing. She has a fun-loving, childish heart.In just one year, she has achieved a lot in the Writing Industry. She is a co-author of over 70 anthologies, compiled 41 anthologies and the project head of 50+ books, and the founder of *THE PARADIS INFINI*, a writing community.Several writing events and competitions are run by her. She is the Human Resources Manager and Project Manager for *The Opus Coliseum* publication. She is also Editor of *TRIDESTA MAGAZINE* which is also under The Opus Coliseum.She is the *NATIONAL RECORD HOLDER* for her compilation *Ground Reality of India* the theme was *Social Issues in India*.She is a *VAJRA WORLD RECORD* Holder for her book compilation *SHE* which is a Red colour book and the theme was *Women Empowerment*She is also a *BRAVO WORLD RECORD HOLDER* for her book compilation *वंदे मातरम* which is a *Tricolour* book in which every writer starts their write up with the same line *हा, मुझे गर्व है कि मैं एक भारतीय हूं*/ *Yes! I am proud to be an Indian*.She is the *SHE AWARDEE 2021.* and *PRESTIGIOUS LITERARY AWARDEE 2021* by AwardsarcShe is Awarded for the *Best Author Debut 2021* by *Elite Book Awards*She has been nominated for the *Best Debut Author* by *Indian Book Awards*.She is the Author of her solo book *”LIVING MY DREAMS”*.Her author interview has also been published in very famous site i.e *SUGERMINT*She is featured in *NE8x_litfest* for literary contribution.She is also featured in *Mt. Kenya Times*.YOU can follow her on Instagram @somyaa_tyagii@dil_ki_bateenAnd her mool mantra for her writing is*”कुछ बातें जो जुबा ना कह पाए,**बस अल्फ़ाज़ मिलके शायरी में उतर जाए।*”

The Rising Stars platform is proud to have SOMYA TYAGI as Independent Indian Icon


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