Snoop Dogg Shocks the Internet by Giving Up on Smoking Weed

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In a surprising turn of events, rapper Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, has announced that he is giving up smoking marijuana. This revelation came via his Instagram account, where the artist shared the decision with his massive following of 82.5 million fans. Snoop Dogg, known for his unapologetic love of weed, stated that after careful consideration and discussions with his family, he has opted to quit smoking.

This unexpected announcement may come as a shock to many, as Snoop Dogg has been a prominent figure in the cannabis culture for years. His public affinity for marijuana is well-documented, and he has often celebrated and endorsed its use. The rapper has claimed to have even smoked marijuana in the White House, showcasing his bold and rebellious attitude towards the substance.

Beyond being an advocate, Snoop Dogg has actively invested in various marijuana-related ventures. He launched “Merry Jane,” a media company with a focus on cannabis, and introduced a line of cannabis products. Additionally, he has shown his support for the industry by investing in Casa Verde Capital, a venture capital firm that backs marijuana startups.

The rapper’s decision to give up smoking marks a significant shift in his public persona. Fans, who have come to associate Snoop Dogg with the cannabis lifestyle, may find this announcement unexpected. The artist has always been open about his love for weed, even revealing in the past that he had a dedicated staff member whose sole responsibility was rolling his blunts.

This decision could have implications for Snoop Dogg’s various business ventures in the marijuana industry. However, it also raises questions about the artist’s motivations and what prompted this lifestyle change. While he has requested privacy during this time, fans and the public are left curious about the details surrounding his decision to quit smoking.

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