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SILISTI KARURIYA’s Interview: The Golden Book of World Record Holder – ‘The Broken Ship’

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Q 1. What is your book all about? Mention book titles?

Ans: A story of middle-class family and A journey of Delhi metro. Riya is a princess of her father and she lives like a royal princess. A story of college friends. She always talks frankly to boys. She had a weakness on social media. The girl who is intelligent didn’t want to top in college because her dream was to touch the sky. She got beaten and everything snatched from her, she became a wingless bird. Suddenly, she stopped interacting with her friends.

Her dreams had got dashed in front of a cruel world and taunted like, what you will be in your life, you are made to do household chores. Riya had never lost the hope and courage, she bedded from their own ones for completing her dreams. When she was busy with her dreams, no one had any expectations from her. She was treated like a culprit without any crime. While on the other side her friends are enjoying their life after being repeating wrong things.

*She engulfed herself in the smoke, drinks world after getting the success*

Why did this happen? What’s inside the last coin she burnt herself to got that.

Q 2. What was the trigger behind writing the book? How did the idea occur?

Ans: I drew inspiration from a middle-class family girl for writing my debut novel ‘Chamde Ka Lutera’. I have seen many girls not following their dreams due to family restrictions. 

The reason behind writing my novel was to change the mentality of my society so that I could help those girls for gaining some respect, which they truly deserve. In our society, some families are not granting equal rights to girls on par with boys.

Q 3. What is the reaction in your family and community about your book?

Ans: When I published my novel then everybody had got surprised and especially my parents and friends. my acquaintances had applauded my work.

Q 4. How is your book impacting readers?

Ans: My book is very good at impacting readers. They relate the story of the book to their self and they also gave very good reviews on Amazon, Flipkart.

Q 5. Did you receive any awards for your achievement?

Ans: ‘Chamde Ka Lutera’ which got adjudged as the Top 100 Debut Novel has got critical acclaim all across the country. My thoughtful romantic creation got nominated for Best Fiction Award in ICMDR 2020 Mumbai along with Konark Lit Fest in 2019. I got a golden book of world record for ‘The Broken Ship’. 

Q 6.  Who are the people who helped you in your journey?

Ans: My family has remained as a forerunner in lending their support.

Q 7. Who published the book and mention their role? 

Ans: I published my novel- ‘Chamde Ka Lutera’ associate with Evincepub Publication, Bilaspur (Chattisgarh). They helped me to Publish, Distribution and also promotion.

Q 8. Any interesting incident/anecdote during your journey as an author?

Ans: As an author, my journey is very amazing because I feel peace during the writing of my feelings, experiences, pain and struggles.

 I wrote many stories at a young age but due to somehow personal reasons, I had abandoned my passion for writing. Then I felt too depressed and very alone then one day I decided to write my debut novel ‘Chamde Ka Lutera’ as a hobby.

Q 9. Mention your upcoming writing endeavors?

Ans: Now I am working on many projects. It will come soon in markets. My short story-Broken Ship is selected in the Broken Ship Golden Book of World Records. Actually I want to write something for children so that I can express their childhood imagination in short stories format that I wrote ‘THE BROKEN SHIP’. I have tried to tell the imaginary worlds of a small child through the Broken Ship Story. I have explained the imaginary thinking of a child through magic and bizarre fantasy thinking in “Broken Ship”. I wrote a Broken Ship short story while in the Ph.D.’s Science Lab and published it in International Magazine. A few days later, Broken Ship is selected in the Golden Book of World Records. Broken Ship is a fictional story in which, through imagination, I have told some interesting things to attract youngsters of all ages, from children to cheese horses, chocolate elephants, and the queen of green hair, which is different from real life of the world.

Q 10. What do you like to say to aspiring writers?

Ans: My advice to all my budding writers is to do the work in which they are interested so that they can remain as inspiration material to everyone and can give you happiness.


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