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Sibbu Suryan, 30, appears on Sun TV’s primetime show -Roja. Even though the actor has a prime time role and two film projects in the bag, he never gave much thought to being an actor. Just like any other graduate, he started working after completing his higher studies.

While he was steadily climbing up the ladder at his corporate job, his family and friends would suggest that he take a shot at modelling.

After a lot of persuasion from his loved ones, he started thinking of this prospect in a more serious way and finally decided to take a leap of faith and join the entertainment industry.

Suryan’s acting debut was on a Kannada TV series. His role was well received and gave him not only recognition but also gave him the confidence boost to explore further. He signed on to new roles in new languages. Of course for a new actor in an uncharted linguistic territory it wasn’t a walk in the park, but Suryan took everything in stride.

Sibbu Suryan believes he was able to navigate through that kind of negativity with the help of resilience and faith. He says, “As an actor, many eyes are trained on you. While some look at you with admiration, some look at you through a judgemental lens. When someone directs non-constructive criticism towards you, or is trolling for a few cheap laughs, it is key to continue walking your path and believe in your own abilities.”.

Luckily, Suryan’s fans outweigh the haters. Many shower their love on him – not only in India but overseas as well. He says that the fans are a big part of his support system and inspire him to work harder; “Many times people approach me and refer to me as “Arjun”, “Aditya”, or “Akarsh”. And it feels rather flattering, because I see that I was able to portray a character well enough and in a way that the character came to life and was its own person. It feels reassuring to have my hard work be recognised and for it to touch so many lives.”.

Suryan seems to be very grateful for the opportunities he has been given and thanks God for all his accomplishments. Suryan says that he has come a long way but still has a long road ahead of him.

Apart from acting, Suryan also wants to spend time on his philanthropic work. He devotes his free time volunteering at an Ashram for underprivileged children. He shares that one day he too would like to build a similar ashram and bring smiles on the faces of children.

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