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Shania Guadalupe : A Rising Global Independent Music Artist

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The importance music holds in everyone’s life is unmatchable. Every individual has a different meaning to music. For some, it is a stressbuster and for a few, it is a way to uplift mood. However, there are a few exceptions who have different connotations to music. Singer Shania Guadalupe aptly describes what music means to her. While music remains an integral part of his life, the singer calls it a way of storytelling.

$hania The Muse

Unlike others, Shania Guadalupe has been fond of music as she feels that it has an important story to be conveyed. “We live in a time where music is peppy and all about burning the dance floor. However, I believe that music has a lot more to offer as it builds connection like no other art”, she revealed. Beginning her journey as a singer at a very early age, Shania Guadalupe has participated in different musical events and competitions. According to her, music can deliver a story merely by its lyrics.

She further went on to say that along with the melodious tunes, the lyrics of a song play a crucial role. Shania Guadalupe go with the stage name $hania The Muse.

What are your future plans?

To Be A Philanthropist & help people around the world that’s struggling with Mental, Spiritual and Body Health.

What made you step in this field?

To change the world. I wanted to bring REAL back into the industry. So much music in this world promotes girls to degrade themselves to get ahead. My purpose here is to bring a new light so girls don’t have to feel like they have to get plastic surgery or work at a strip club to still be successful. I’ve studied at Top Business Schools in the US. I’ve ran top beauty industry businesses for the past 10 years. I want young girls to reach higher goals and put themselves on a pedestal! We are beautiful the way God made us! Flaws and all! It’s time for Real Queens to stand up!

What do you find interesting about this field?

I find interesting about this field is how many people try to get over on you. I pave my own lane and create my own success based off my past business manager experiences. I create my own happinesses and if I don’t like something I have the power to just say no.

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