Award-winning screenwriter and producer of such hits as The Boondocks has done it again
by creating Killadelphia, a vampire-themed graphic novel that is now getting an expanded
universe. However, what we really want to highlight is where the future of the Killadelphia
series will be published. Rodney has established his own publishing company, Zombie Love
Studios, which will act as a publishing house for various captivating graphic novels.
It has been a dream of Rodney’s to become the founder of his own comic book publishing
company. After all, he has had a deep love affair with comics ever since he was a young boy.
What started out as an obsession and addiction where he consumed as much graphic novel
content as he could later morphed into him creating the content for others to consume.
For Rodney, his passion became practically all that he could think about. That led to him
pursuing a degree at Howard University directly related to his love of comics. He would end
up learning how to write graphic novels himself and become a screenwriter for a number of
critically-acclaimed television shows. Rodney would also become an executive producer for
award-winning shows.
Rodney is a rising star among African American creatives who has cemented his place in
Hollywood as someone who knows how to develop engaging and captivating storylines and
episodes. He has worked on such shows as American Gods, Everybody Hates Chris,
Marvel’s Runaways, and several others. This assortment of shows demonstrates how
versatile Rodney is as a screenwriter and producer.
Establishing his own publishing company is the next natural step for him. Given that he has
been writing successful comic books of his own for a number of years, it only made sense
that he would cut out the middleman where other publishing companies were releasing his
graphic novels. With the launching of Zombie Love Studios, Rodney was able to have more
creative control and direction over production and distribution.
Today, there is already a growing list of graphic novels that have been released through
Zombie Love Studios. There is Killadelphia’s series that ventures into an expanded universe,
given how popular the first comic book was. Also featured under Rodney’s publishing
company are graphic novels like Elysium Gardens, Monarch, Florence and Normandie, and
Crownsville. We are probably going to be seeing a lot more titles released through this
publishing company over the coming months and years.
What started out as an addiction when he was young has now turned out to not only be
something that supports him, but also something that countless people around the world have
enjoyed. Writing comic books is his biggest passion, which is what makes his creative content
so great.

To learn more about his new publishing and film companies, you can head over to his
. You can also check out the latest from Zombie Love Studios by going to the official