Sarfaraz Khan- An Inspiration for the youth.

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On the 20th of June 1991, in Kolkata, Sarfaraz was born to Mofida Khatun(mother) and Khurshid Khan(father). Sarfaraz was born into a well-to-do family. He was a brilliant student, which confirmed for his successful career.

Sarfaraz completed his schooling at SJV (Howrah), then he has done BBA from Sikkim Manipal University, and after that, he has successfully completed his MBA from WBUT. But further moved on to get a diploma in Real Estate. This landed him a great job in the Real Estate sector which he continued for four years.

Then he moved to Australia and continued to work there in the Real Estate sector to gain more knowledge and in-depth experience of the international market.

Around this period, Sarfaraz rediscovered his love for travelling and adventures, and discovering new places and gaining a unique perspective of the world. Sarfaraz has travelled to more than 20 countries, including the UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, UAE, Australia, Singapore, Finland, Hong Kong, Netherland, Belgium, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and many more.

In early 2020, he came back to India to visit his family. But little did anyone know about the dark period ahead. This is when the Corona Virus hit the world.

This led to a worldwide lockdown. Food scarcity, lack of health equipment became a significant issue in society. This affected all of our lives. Sarfaraz knew he had to do something for the society. So he took over his father’s business and took it to a whole different level. And started a business of Civil Contractors and Earthmovers supplier, namely “KGN CONTRACTORS.”

By seeing the pandemic situation of the society, Sarfaraz also started an NGO, “SALAM INDIA FOUNDATION,” to help relieve the people affected by the pandemic. He works hard for the society and is an essential supporting pillar of the society. While the world is drowning in self-doubt and anxiety, certain people have become the anchor to stabilise the world. These people are the superheroes, the protectors of humanity. Superpowers don’t make superheroes; rather, it’s the mindset that matters. Amidst the covid crisis, where people are choosing to stay at home and protect themselves, it’s superheroes like Sarfaraz Khan who make it their business to protect the people. Our lives have been complicated since the Coronavirus entered our lives. People have witnessed all sorts of tragedies, from losing our jobs to our near and dear ones becoming a memory. Time has been tough on all of us. Now Sarfaraz is a real hero Social Activist.

For his hard work in business, he has been awarded as the “BEST YOUTH ENTREPRENEUR” Award in 2021. Entrepreneurship comes with its own hardships and challenges. Only the extremely hardworking, determined, and intelligent are able to overcome these challenges. But some entrepreneurs are made by the urgency and the necessity of grave situations. Such is the story of Sarfaraz Khan.

Sarfaraz Khan stands to be a flame of inspiration for every capable person who can enlighten this flame in new young minds towards a brighter future.




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