Samuel Onuha shares How To Avoid Burnout  Amidst A Global Pandemic 

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COVID-19 has changed our lives in an unprecedented way. One of the significant changes is the prolonged restrictions that have resulted in millions of Americans having to shift to working from home.    

Samuel Onuha feels that many people have not been able to transition smoothly to the new work protocols. A combination of overwork, Zoom fatigue, and lack of time management skills leads to unexpected burnout.   

What Is Burnout?  

A burnout, Samuel Onuha explains, can be defined as a state of physical, mental, and emotional fatigue resulting from prolonged and protracted involvement in demanding situations. 

How to Avoid Burnout in 2022?  

Getting your work done on time without feeling the pressure is a very real skill that can be learned or acquired through practicing certain ways. Samuel Onuha shares three ways to avoid feeling overworked and overwhelmed in this new year.  

1. Take Regular Breaks  

Samuel Onuha feels working from home eight hours at a stretch may seem easier without the hassle of commuting or the regular distractions of the office. But you can probably feel more mentally exhausted and emotionally drained as you try to function without your known stress-relieving outlets and mechanisms.   

He recommends, “Do not be glued to your screen just because you are working from home. Keep taking multiple breaks throughout the day, and make time to walk outside or Zoom call a friend instead of surfing social media.  

2. Exercise Regularly  

Regular exercise, according to Samuel Onuha, not only helps boost your energy levels and enhance productivity but also alleviates stress and creates a sense of well-being. Regular exercise also improves the body’s circadian rhythm, helping you get sufficient and timely sleep, which in turn can bring down mental and physical exhaustion levels.  

Samuel Onuha encourages you to get up early to exercise or even take long walks during your regular breaks while working from home. Motivate and involve your colleagues by setting up an office fitness challenge or group Zoom calls. 

3. Unplug During Non-Work Hours  

Samuel Onuha recommends striking a good work-life balance to avoid burnout. There is ample scientific evidence showing that hectic work schedules and always-on work culture can do more harm than good, apart from bringing down productivity and employee satisfaction levels over longer periods of time.  

Samuel Onuha advises you to avoid burning the candle at both ends to prevent burnout. Avoid working on weekends or late into the night unless absolutely essential, and ensure that you pick a regularly consistent end time for work. “Limit the intake of news and social media and also monitor the urge to check emails every few minutes,” he concludes. 


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