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About the Author:-

Samar Deep Singh is an Indian novelist and poet. His recent novel ‘How I failed in love’ has created a buzz around literary circles. His debut novel ‘Five Gifts that shaped my life’ received a warm response and hit the ‘bestseller’ rank multiple times on Amazon. His notable fiction writing ‘Love Guru Connection’ talks about the web of relationships. Read the amazing love stories written by the author. His upcoming novel – Never Date Blue-eyed Girl is going to be released shortly.

About his books:-

(How I failed in love)

How I failed in love:

“How I failed in love” is a well-crafted love story by author Samar Deep Singh. He has portrayed college life to the tiniest detail.

The relationship between Aryan, Ananya, and his seniors are realistic and amazing.

All Indian students will surely relate to this book in one way or the other i.e., the relationship between a boy and his parents, his brother, his roommate, and of course last but not least his ‘Love at first sight’.

This book also tells how to deal with depression, abuse, and losing a loved one. Read this perfect love story on kindle or buy it at Amazon.

(Love Guru Connection)

 Love Guru Connection:

This saga pertains to a self-independent girl Kiara. She loves Mumbai’s night and she invariably loves to do parties and clubbing to rejuvenate herself from the workload.

But life is unexpected and you can’t foretell about the future. The same thing happened with Kiara when she was snagged red-handed by the police for some unusual activities. She even lost her job and everything turns into a tangle in her life.

But something was there which made Kiara happy and that was our Kabir. The role of Kabir is distinct in Kiara’s life. Grab the book to read the role and saga behind Kabir.

The storyline strikes flawlessly with the remarkable depiction of characters. Kabir’s personality is truly appreciative. He changes the path of the saga beautifully.

(Five Gifts that shaped my life)

Five Gifts that shaped my life:

A family of British descent resided in Dehradun. Ron, the only child in the family, finds it tough to cope up with study and relationships. The strained relation with his father took him closer to his grandfather nicknamed by him as ‘Dadu’.

The mischievous Ron finds a best friend in him. The bond grew stronger with time. His grandfather had given him five gifts on his consecutive birthdays. He partners with him in daring adventures filled with mystery and thrill.

His inquisitive self finds confidence in the fictional fantasy equipped short stories told by Dadu. Ron’s mischiefs and pranks add colours to Dadu’s boring life. Ron relates every adventure and story to the five gifts given by Dadu.

He appreciates the meaning of life in them. It helps him in decoding the secrets of success & handling relationships. It shaped his thoughts and life which had made him excel in his studies and career

You can connect with Samar Deep Singh via the following channels:

 Facebook: deep singh



Never Date Blue-eyed Girl (upcoming):

Superstar Amyra, a gorgeous model-turned actress had an illustrious career in Bollywood. She had reigned for almost half a decade in the industry and portrayed stupendous and spell binding performances on the silver screen.

The stylish hot diva shot to fame more with the controversies than her acting skills in the beginning of her career. With every controversy, her fame and glamour skyrocketed to a new high and she became a paparazzi obsession resulting in being a full-time headliner in every newspaper.

Amyra’s best friend Samar D’Souza, a shrewd successful lawyer acted as a savior in her every controversy and trouble.

Amyra’s acting skills matured as life taught her dark lessons. Her million-dollar smile attracted a huge fan base and the whole world fell in love with her.

The sniper attacks ravaged Bollywood to a halt and utter shock. Amyra faced the sniper attacks with an iron hand and her bold and never-say-die attitude won millions of hearts.

Unfortunately, the dark side of celebrity life took a heavy toll on the actress. 

Enjoy the roller-coaster ride of two best friends embarked on a miraculous journey of success defying all odds!


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