SAKSHI DUGAD: A girl who believed in the magic of the word, Grew up to be the magician herself

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Sakshi Dugad, A kid who used to find comfort and warmth in books is now a writer of two amazing books herself.

She is a girl who believes words are like magic spells and they can inspire someone.

When she was young, she was mesmerized by stories and used to wonder how a writer can use words like a charm to transport someone into a writer’s World and then decided to become a magician herself someday to elevate someone like her.

Sakshi started writing poetry when she was in fourth standard and Nature has always been a source of inspiration and healing for her.

(“Unlatched Stories” by Sakshi Dugad)

When the whole world went into quarantine, she thought of pursuing her inner calling and gave birth to her first book which she lovingly calls her baby, “Unlatched Stories, expressing the hidden emotion of nature’s nature”. This book is a warm hug to your heart and can make you fall in love with the healing power of nature. You can carry this book around while traveling or outdoor and treat it as your guiding force while navigating nature.

Nature has the power to heal us and shape our hearts in a more compassionate way and Sakshi very subtly expressed it through her poetry collection.

The book is available on Amazon and her readers loved the book and appreciated her intention behind it.

She didn’t plan to stop there, she has her own blog to create a family of readers and her Instagram page is a treat to the eye. Every post is enriching to the audience and is aesthetically pleasing.

(“Women” by Sakshi Dugad)

On May 5th she launched her second book, “Women”. It is a series of love letters to all the women out there in the world who put others first instead of themselves. She aims to uplift and encourage women’s spirits and build their confidence through her soothing and powerful collection of poems.

The book came out on Mother’s day and was excitedly received by her readers and followers.

She was very thoughtful in her writing process and didn’t want to limit the books to only female audiences,so this book is not only a series of affirmations to the women’s but is very guiding and informative to the men as well who want to understand the women in their life better.

She believes the world is changing and the old way of thinking, looking even flirting isn’t the same and it needs to upgrade to create a more caring community and her book can be that driving force to the men and women in our lives.

Her books come wrapped in beautiful packages having a personalized note tied in a purple rope, to make the whole experience loving and warm.

She wants to make the experience of her reader’s a luxury and is very particular about the detailing of the whole process and provides a lot of goodies along with the book.

She calls her poems masterpieces because they have the power to take out the pain and add magic to the hearts. In her own words, “I write to make people fall in love with themselves and then with the cosmos, just trying to add some more love through words”.

Sakshi Dugad, a young poet who isn’t just inspiring through poetry but uplifting young readers to pursue their true calling and is building a community of loving readers.

You can contact her on

Instagram: @sakshidugad



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