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Sakshi Chamat: A girl intending to be a doctor and an IAS officer

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A Girl with beauty and brain, Sakshi Chamat is a writer, author, boxer, compiler, actor & publisher. She is from Maharashtra she was born in 2004 in Nagpur city. She’s the elder child of the Chamat family. She is having a younger brother, her father Mr. Shyam Chamat, and her mother Mrs. Madhavi Chamat. Recently she has passed her board Exams and took admission to St. Paul College, Nagpur.

During the haunting period of lockdown, when everyone else was busy hustling over the internet and losing interest, this young girl marks her towards the publishing journey. She started her writing since the onset of 2020 and got her books published

Sakshi Chamat is the winner of Zakle, Manik show (acting). Her 2 books have been published as an author Attitude towards life and Conceptual thinking, Self-confidence and love at first sight as the compiler. She is a co-author in 60+ anthologies.

Recently she has been awarded with the leading best writer award and she achieved Indian Noble Awards 2021. She has also managed to get featured on many social media, websites, Google, Radio Vrishti, Spotify, Pinterest, podcasts, magazines, and newspapers.

Sakshi Chamat is an Indian record Holder. She is the founder of SQuall of Life Community and Eternal Blue Sky Publication and head of The Opus challenge hunt community as she is an English, Hindi judge, reviewer, event head management, and head at many communities.

As she is the founder of the community, she arranges a weekly open mic. She gives the platform to recite views and poetry by the writers. She arranges many events for the writers to get appreciation. Also, she worked as an actor in 3 short films on health awareness. She was the finalist of the Instagram competition 2021.

(Author- Sakshi Chamat)

Sakshi Chamat aims to be a Doctor and after completing her MBBS, she wanted to become an IAS Officer, besides a long list of dreams, which she includes in the dairy of her passion. She is passionate about things like writing, sports. She is a DSO level boxer player and volleyball player. Also, she played many government and private Kho – Kho matches and she won.

Her inspiration is herself because she overcomes many difficult situations. She wanted to become an inspiration for all. Her biggest motivation is her family and her beloved one everyone stands with her as her backbone. She makes herself to be strong in many situations well suffering doesn’t matter, matters what you make yourself build in those situations,

Keep learning from the problems you will get success.

Contact details:-

Instagram: sakshichamat_


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