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Rubee B. Stone to release her new song, ‘On Timin’ on 30 July 2021.

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Rubee B Stone is again going to create a sensation in the American rap industry with her new song release, ‘ON TIMIN’. The song is produced by Fullyfocused studios and is releasing on 30 July 2021. The buzz of her song is very strong among the audience and it is expected to be one of the biggest successes from her. Truly, Rubee is going to make something huge this time with her latest drill, ‘On Timin’.

The song is inspired by her upgraded life. Every day she works on making the best music. She works consistently in the studios and at home creating music. She thinks that her taste in music affected her desire to be an artist. When she was young, she faced many challenges and now she’s trying to pull all that pain that she has experienced into her music. She aims to make the audience relate the song to their life.

She thinks that the most rewarded part of her profession is definitely interacting with her fans that’s why she has always put 100% in her songs. And now she is releasing one of her best drills called “ON TIMING” inspired by the upgraded life that she had encountered from her old life. This song is recorded in fully focused studios and alongside Yuri, the king with the mixing and recorded by united kings inc. Her video along with her song will be dropping on the 30th of July 2021.

Rubee B. Stone posing for her latest song, On Timin photoshoot.

She has achieved many things in her career but she thinks that this is just the beginning for her. While going on tour with a major label artist is definitely of her successes, she doesn’t feel like that she has achieved enough success. Rubee is gifted with a beautiful voice, she has been profoundly impacted by music all her life. It was her passion for music, along with her years of experience that helped her thrive in her art during the pandemic.

Songs are the most common way to express feelings or coney messages. Music has the power to change the thinking or create positive thinking in the audience. Realizing these factors Rubee took full advantage and shared her different thoughts through her songs.
Music is indeed an art form and when it comes to rapping, Rubee has mastered the art of music delivery time again. Rubee puts her versatile approach to song-making on full display throughout the new album ‘ON TIMIN’.

Overall, Rubee is a true meaning of female drill rapper. She continues to stand firm on her morals and beliefs as a true hip-hop artist that the younger generation can respect and aspire to be. Rubee’s messages lie in how she strives to just be positive and just be herself in her music, encourages others to do it too.

Expectations are high with Rubee B. Stone’s ‘On Timin’ and so is her talent. The wait is only of few days when everyone will be able to listen to her song on all the music streaming platforms and YouTube from 30 July 2021.

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