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Riya Singh is a 17 year old hardworking girl. She is a medical student currently in class 12. But apart from her academics she is just an all rounder.

At a very young age she is not only a writer but also author, poet, compiler, social awareness speaker , social event organizer and FOUNDER of a developing website.

She started her journey as a hobby to write but then slowly and gradually she realised her passion towards paying the society back as a responsible citizen.

In 2020 she started as a blog writer but the idea didn’t work well for her. She didn’t stop trying and started observing people around her and their experiences.
In October 2020 she started utilizing online platforms to be vocal about social issues. At a very young age, people saw her as a mature citizen expressing herself all out.

Since then she spoke for social awareness on topics like dowry system, social media harassment etc.

Later in January 2021, she wanted to organize an event to address mental health and take an initiative to eradicate social taboos in our indian society. At a very young age she organized this event and people not only in her city but all over india from different states joined, not only this also from canada people joined her event.

Soon after this event, she didn’t stop.
She decided to keep all her observations and experiences out.
As a 16-year-old teenager, she started writing her first book.
As she turned 17 she completed her book in May. Named “To the Older Me”
Based on all life experiences, she said, ” have you ever imagined that after 10 years when you are struggling with your life a message pops from the younger you, the child in you? Well, this is the idea of the book, that even after 10 years I don’t forget the lessons I learned, the observations and experiences I had. Not only this book is a reminder for all those people who forget that loving themselves is important”

Within 2 months she managed to be a compiler of 2 anthologies and be a co author to more than 20 anthologies.
This is a big deal to crack at such a young age but this was not it for her, she was a part of TECHNO SUMMIT 2021.
She is also being awarded as “THE YOUTH ICON” by opus coliseum.
She has also been nominated for more than 4 awards in a month.
Not only this in a writing community she has won more than 5 contests in 3 weeks.

After convincing and working on her ideas she finally managed to collaborate. Now she is a young FOUNDER of a website which will help people to have a platform where they can express themselves and be a responsible citizen to eradicate the social taboos.
You might be thinking how can a young 17 year old do all this?
Her answer to the same question is
“If you believe in yourself and the process , everything will settle itself.
Nothing happens in a day or two but
Not today, may be not tomorrow but someday your hardwork will pay off”

She is a proud daughter and believes that the platform her parents provide is not more than a blessing for her.
All she can do to make them proud is to give her 100 percent.

She believes in TRUSTING THE PROCESS , believes in HEALING
and following what her heart says, she is ready to grab every opportunity life throws at her.

The Rising Stars platform is proud to have RIYA SINGH as Independent Indian Icon.


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