Rituraj Pramanik, The Founder Of HealthAndHealthier, Is On A Roll!!

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Rituraj Pramanik(born on 29th September 1995 in Kolkata) is a health blogger who runs the best health blog in India right now “Health And Healthier”.

HealthAndHealthier is a well-maintained health blog with regular content updates, health hacks, honest health product reviews, medical news, and lifestyle hacks.

It was introduced in October 2021, and in just six months, he had built an organic traffic fanbase of 70k per month because of his unwavering dedication and hard work. The weekly reach gradually increased to 50k.

The blog includes a slew of new, previously unseen health-related hacks and facts. Reviews provide valuable information about the health products, which are available worldwide and consumed on a regular basis. Offering her audience with genuine reviews that are well-described.

The blog shares several recommendations for lifestyle needs to try in various parts of India based on his personal experience, as well as regular updates on medical news.

Not only has HealthAndHealthier shared food and health-oriented reviews, but it has also hosted a course on how to establish a health blog, social media hacks, and marketing strategies for those who want to expand their reach on blogging and social media platforms.

HealthAndHealthier has been published in several prestigious publications and is recognized as one of India’s best health blogs. Worked on 400+ brand collaborations with over 300 top clients.

The net worth of HealthAndHealthier is estimated to be 70lacs as of 2022. But with rising organic traffic the net worth is estimated to touch the glorious 1 crore figure by May 2022. Previously it was believed that a health blog can never earn so much within a year but Rituraj proved it wrong with his intense hard work and experience. Rituraj pramanik’s net worth is assumed to be 40lacs as of 2022 and should continue to increase as long as he owns HandH. 

Rituraj comes from a lower-middle-class family, and no one expected much from him. Everyone who knew him imagined he would accomplish nothing for the rest of his life. He did, however, turn out to be a trailblazing millennial entrepreneur. He did not let societal restrictions or preconceptions prevent him from succeeding with flying colors. Dedication, hard effort, and, most importantly, consistency set him apart from the throng. Today, he is going on with a thriving resource library. 

According to Rituraj pramanik, the most prevalent causes for a blog’s failure are a lack of patience and persistence. He believes that people are always seeking easy money on the internet. As a result, the majority of individuals fail here. Mr. Pramanik launched H&H to demonstrate to people that starting a business online is the same as starting a business offline and that earning an income from health blogging takes extremely hard work.

When asked about a catchphrase for youthful bloggers, Rituraj gives the following quote:

“Never give up, Never back down”

It’s all about keeping the momentum going. Rituraj’s key disciplines in life are consistency and perseverance. Nothing can keep him from being committed to his task, regardless of his ability or circumstances. That is what distinguishes his work as a passion rather than a passing fad.


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